Mexican Archbishop Blasts Single Motherhood

by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  •  June 26, 2015   

"Mexico has a ton of single mothers and this is becoming an epidemic"

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XALAPA, Mexico, June 26, 2015 ( - By estimation, one quarter of all households in Mexico are headed by a single mother whose children have been separated from their father. This reality inspired stern words from a Mexican archbishop in his homily this past weekend.

Archbishop Hipólito Reyes Larios of Xalapa told Mass-goers, "Mexico has a ton of single mothers and this is becoming an epidemic, because a girl who is the daughter of a single mother later on doesn't have another model aside from that."

The comment has reportedly been stirring up an array of controversy on social media, with some calling him a "misogynist" and "stupid."

The archbishop apparently isn't afraid of backlash, however. He also condemned Mexico's decision to allow so-called gay marriage, which he says should never be called marriage at all. "Let's call it homo-marriage or lesbi-marriage but not marriage because it is not that," he stated. "I think the rights of the majority are more important than the rights of a minority."

Mexico has been facing trials on multiple fronts lately. The situation has become so grave that several bishops and exorcists recently felt compelled to perform a country-wide exorcism to help. Given the correlation between dysfunction and fatherlessness, perhaps Abp. Larios' warning would appear to be another step in the right direction.


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