Swiss Bishops Refashion Marriage

News: Crisis in the Church
by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  September 21, 2015   

Heterodox Conference Plans to Attack Marriage at Synod

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The Conference of Swiss Bishops met in Bern last month to prepare how they'll attack marriage at October's Synod in Rome. They had already gathered with Church representatives from France and Germany last May in Rome for the same dark purpose.

The official report this month on the Swiss meeting was unabashedly clear as to their unholy agenda of remaking marriage more fashionable to modern, unbelieving man.

The report stressed that Catholics in Switzerland no longer believe and even openly reject Church teaching on marriage. Of course, the shepherds made no provisions to overcome the ignorance or bias of their flock.

Instead they enlisted blind guides to lead the blind sheep right over the cliff of heterodoxy. One such blind guide was Arnd Bünker, made executive secretary of the Pastoral Commission, and entrusted with the organization and moderation of the Swiss conference.

Bünker wrote the Swiss Bishops' Conference's much-criticized report in preparation for the upcoming 2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family in Rome. The report explicitly and insistently requests that the Church cease excluding remarried divorcees from the sacraments and that She give a place to the partnerships of male and female homosexuals.

Last year, Dr. Bünker wrote the Swiss bishops' report for the 2014 Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family. The Swiss Bishops' Conference asked, of all people, this homosexual activist and declared follower of gender mainstreaming (which seeks gender neutrality) to formulate its policy with regard to the family.

The recent Swiss conference claims that in traditional Catholic teaching, sacramental marriage somehow creates a bias towards the family. The conference also downplayed the traditional teaching on the value of procreation. The conference report states:

The family itself thus appears merely as a consequence, as a deduction, or as a purpose of marriage. As soon as a marriage or a partnership does not correspond to the ideal of the Church, there follows consequently from the side of the Church a negative look upon the concerned families. ... The children are among those who suffer under this theological devaluation who experience for example at Church events that the Church discriminates against the marital (or other) situation of their parents.

Of course, Catholic teaching upholds the nature of marriage as oriented towards procreation, and instead of taking away dignity and stability from children, provides for both.

Another gem from this conference is the claim that the Bible is written from a different time and place and therefore doesn't speak to the needs of modern man concerning marriage.

The conference further objects to upholding ideals (read moral standards) for which people should strive, saying, "It is necessary to question the validity of the ideals themselves. These have to be checked again and again in the light of a changed cultural situation and of a growing scientific understanding."

It goes on to argue that the Church needs to have a "recognition and appreciation of relationships which do not any more correspond to the old-fashioned ideal which comes from another period of time, for example, remarried divorcees or same-sex partnerships."

And the last pearl of wisdom states the Church should "officially recognize a second marriage after a failure," similar to the Orthodox Church whose practice the Catholic Church has allegedly "never condemned."

But the Orthodox accept remarriage after valid divorce, and that's been condemned explicitly by the Council of Trent some 500 years ago — not to mention the countless condemnations of divorce since that time.

In a nutshell, these wolves in sheep's clothing say the sheep won't accept sound teaching, therefore we have to change teaching to whatever is more acceptable. Here, heterodox guides are the best at making up teachings acceptable to unbelieving modern man.

Next throw out the Bible and objective moral standards as guideposts because everything is always changing culturally and therefore morally.

And finally, they wrongly believe we should look to the Orthodox Church because they accept divorce and remarriage, and so should we.

In this area of openness, at least everyone is showing their cards ahead of the Synod, so there'll be fewer surprises.

Thank God for the Polish and African Bishops who'll be a strong voice for orthodoxy at the Synod. And thank God for an indefectible Church. The unsinkable Barque of Peter may be sailing next month into a full-blown hurricane. Fasten your seatbelts. There are some big waves coming from Switzerland.


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