Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.

Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.

Raised in the great outdoors of Montana, Brad's at home with horses, camping and farm life.

After graduating in Butte with a Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering, Brad went to work in Alaska's oil field as a drill site operator. His off hours were spent pursuing a Master's degree in Engineering Management at the University in Anchorage and enjoying Alaska's rugged beauty.

During this time, Brad, Catholic from birth, began devoting more time to reading the Bible, prayer and volunteering at Covenant House, an organization that cares for runaway kids.

Bible reading, prayer and community service budded into a religious calling. At 26, Brad left his occupation to follow a vocation with a Franciscan community in Connecticut. As a religious brother, Brad taught high school math, science and religion at a boys' boarding school. Among other things, he helped run Catholic summer camps for kids and taught adult catechism.

After a 30-year run, the religious community ended. So, 22 years and two masters degrees in Theology later, Brad began working as a writer and associate producer for

Brad continues to live a simple life of dedication and enjoys meeting new people while becoming reacquainted with old friends.


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