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The Deadly Compromise

May 15, 2015  0


A deadly compromise has been hammered out between the culture and the pro-life movement.

The culture tolerates the pro-life movement because the pro-life movement has acquiesced on the subject of contraception. So, for example, in U.S. politics, the Republican Party leadership allows the anti-abortion rhetoric to come forward every election season knowing that nothing much will come of it.

They allow it in exchange for votes and financial contributions, but in the end nothing changes, and that's fine with them.

And in the larger context, it's all right to have prayer rallies and demonstrations and even a big annual March — which gets absolutely zero coverage in the secular world — because the pro-life movement will never challenge contraception, which is the root of all this. It won't challenge it because it would reveal the deep religious differences between many Catholics and many contraception-embracing protestants in the movement.

The quiet compromise in the movement that has taken place is: The lives of babies are more important than the larger truth. That is now the ironclad position of the pro-life movement, molded and shaped by a tenuous and false political ecumenism. And when that compromised position is brought to the table of the struggle with the united secular forces, a further compromise is exacted. March and demonstrate all you want. We will just ignore you.

This same principle of compromise exists now with many leaders in the Catholic Church, who have simply thrown in the towel on the issue of sexual morality and made compromise with the forces of darkness. And at the core of their cowardice compromise is, again, the issue of contraception. They have rebelled in their silence since the days of Blessed pope Paul VI's Humanae Vitae.

For going on 50 years, weak feminized leaders have refused to go to the mat over this issue — as even Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York confessed to the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago. They either don't want to see or don't have the requisite native intelligence to see the connection between contraception and the entire typhoon of evil engulfing Western civilization.

No attempts at evangelization will work, because people want their birth control pill and their porn. So the bishops have merely accepted this and have spent a half a century now trying to preach joy and other nonsense approaches without going to the gallows denouncing sin. Imagine if John the Baptist had used their cockamamie approach. "Um, excuse me, Herod; I have something to tell you that you don't want to hear, so I won't say it. Instead, look how joyful I am. Want some locust? How about a little honey to follow it up?"

What has happened to the world is what happens when the Church is punished with weak leaders.

Even now, amidst all the craziness, we have still further craziness: A bishop in Belgium saying we should have the sacrament of gay weddings; another European bishop defending funerals for dogs; a near-majority of the German bishops saying give Holy Communion to non-Catholics.

All of these evils have come about because of contraception. Sex has been placed in the category of being for personal pleasure and little else. The capitulation of so many Catholic leaders on this single prominent point has been the undoing of the Faith in the hearts of hundreds of millions of Catholics, and will be the reason the Church will be undergoing Her forthcoming persecution.

It is only a temporary illusion that the world can be compromised with. Evil never wants a compromise. It always wants more and more and more until it controls everything.

That is the same attitude the Church should have. The reality that we are in a struggle to the death with the powers of Hell just doesn't seem to resonate with so many of these cowardly leaders anymore — if it ever did.

The only way now to get Satan out of the crannies and crevices he now occupies in the Church will be to see him step out in full force, to witness the mask coming off and witness the unleashing of his hatred against the faithful.

This has all moved beyond any human, natural means to save it. It's time for divine intervention to bring an end to the deadly compromise.

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