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Dark Knights

June 11, 2015  0


On this week's Mic'd Up, we explore the various internal problems with the Knights of Columbus — problems that are being highlighted from within the organization.

The main problem that various knights complain about is a lack of fidelity to the Faith among various members and at various levels of leadership — most especially national, but not exclusive to national. These concerns have developed something of a track record in the past 20 or so years as the culture of death and evil has accelerated.

Many knights think the organization needs to respond more vigorously and aggressively to that culture first and foremost within its own ranks, where according to the knights, horrible catechesis, indifference toward and even acceptance of the general cultural evils is too common and there is too much emphasis on continuing to bring in billions of dollars in insurance money each year.

The top brass at the Knights of Columbus receive huge paychecks, with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson getting paid over $2 million a year. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with being wealthy, it does raise eyebrows among more faithful Catholics who wonder: Is the Faith being compromised in order to not rock the boat of the lucrative insurance business?

In earlier times, knights were concerned that pro-abortion politicians were being allowed to stay in the organization. National pretty much shut down that discussion, refusing to let local councils remove members from their ranks. The reason National gave was that the bishops didn't excommunicate these politicians, so they wouldn't either.

Bad reasoning. First, the Knights is a lay-run organization with its own set of bylaws and so forth. It is free to do what it wants with members. Second, being chucked out of the Knights has nothing to do with excommunication. You can be expelled for failing to pay your annual dues — and last we checked, not keeping up with your dues does not warrant excommunication. Third, to appeal to the bishops' not taking action is a total red herring. Members who are admitted to the Knights didn't need the bishops' approval. Why should it then be the case that the bishops have to declare them out? Total smokescreen.

In June of 2011, the gay marriage debate was raging in New York State. The vote in the New York Senate was down to the slimmest of margins. Anti-Christ Catholic Andrew Cuomo, who hates the Church's teachings, was the governor — still is. He needed the two remaining holdouts in the state Senate to vote in favor of gay marriage or it would be defeated — that's how close the vote was.

The two remaining holdouts were state Senator Joe Addabbo and state Senator David Carlucci. Each man is a member of the Knights of Columbus and, as you can guess, they each ended up casting their vote in favor of sodomite marriage.

Senator David Carlucci eventually went on to garner some more fame and cheers from the homofascist crowd by ripping into a 75-year-old town clerk, Barbara MacEwan from Volney, New York, who said she didn't want to sign the marriage certificates herself once sodomite marriage became legal. Carlucci used the occasion to grandstand throughout the media, positioning himself as the great defender of the law — a law which he may very well have sold his soul to get get enacted.

MacEwan didn't say her office wouldn't sign them — just that she didn't want to sign them personally because she disagreed with it in conscience. Nevertheless she understood that her office had to sign them, and she agreed that her office would — just not her — a deputy clerk would. That didn't stop the Knight of Columbus Carlucci from raking this 75-year-old little lady civil servant through the media for his own gain.

Yet at no point did the Knights say a word.

Then there is state Senator Joe Addabbo, the other turncoat knight whose vote was needed to make sodomite marriage secure. Interesting and noteworthy in his case most especially is that before he voted yes for gay marriage, he had voted no two years earlier. So here is a man who did the right thing, then turned around and did the demonstrably wrong thing. And, of course, not a word from National.

As the homofascist agenda continues to gain momentum to the point of now forcing ordinary people to submit to its perversions, the Knights are going to encounter this dilemma more and more. So far, they are failing spectacularly, as Knights of Columbus halls are being rented out for lesbian weddings and local councils permit it, hiding behind the fear of lawsuits.

Hey, Knights — be men for a change — like you once were — and just say no. If you get sued, who cares? Better to enter Heaven with a lawsuit in your hand than Hell with loads of cash.

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