Deposit of Faith Coalition

Those pushing the anti-God and anti-family climate agenda need to be called out and exposed. 

The Religious Left has become an invaluable ally to the global cabal, to the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the World Health Organization, in pushing the man-made climate change narrative. 

But now, the cabal — which includes many leaders of the Catholic Church — is being challenged.       

Billions in government money as well as collection-plate donations pass from religious leaders to the global-warming lobby, under the guise of “good stewardship of creation” and “social justice.”    

This must end! 

Support the Deposit of Faith Coalition’s national press conference highlighting the bishops’ politicking for the Democratic/communist climate agenda.

Funds donated will be used for this historic event, and any excess funds will be used for general operating expenses for St. Michael's Media. 

Catholics were “born for combat.” — Pope Leo XIII