Donate to the PAUSE Program

To learn more about the PAUSE program, click here. To apply, click here. To make a donation in support of this vital effort to form young men in the faith use the form below. Below that is a breakdown of the costs for the program.

We have room available for a maximum of five (5) PAUSE men for the coming year.

So based on five men working at the studios and sharing a house, with each receiving a weekly stipend of $100 for food and incidentals, we calculate the following program costs.



$70,000 (rounded from $67,400)


HOUSING — $22,400 annual

Housing:     $1,300/mo.

Utilities:     $   400/mo.

Furnishings    $2,000


STIPENDS — $24,000 annual

$100 per man per week: $500 per week

$500 per week x 48 weeks


STUDIO LUNCHES — $12,000 annual

$10 per man per day per week: $50 per week per man

$50 per man per week: $250 per week

$250 per week x 48 weeks


BOOKS — $2,000 annual

Based on first year book costs


WORK STATIONS — $4,000 annual

2 Editing Computers / Editing Licenses

2 Writing/Research Computers

1 Administrative Computers / Programs


OUTINGS — $3,000 annual

Social outings like bowling, movies, dining, fuel, etc.


TOTAL: Approximately $13,480 per man per year.