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Springfield Bishop: Catholic Voters May Opt Out of 2016 Election

As the Shepherd, So the Sheep

Denver Archbishop: Catholics Who Vote Democrat Sell Out Christ

Trump to Catholics: I Will Fight for You

As VA Gov, Kaine Banned Praying in Jesus' Name

Planned Parenthood Spending $30 Million to Oppose Trump

Catholics Protest Kaine at VP Debate

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Guiding Voters From the Pulpit

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Poll: Voters Have Largely Lost Trust in Media

Catholics Protesting Tim Kaine’s Bishop Kicked off Grounds

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Jesuit High School Bans Criticism of Tim Kaine

Trump’s Sister Donates $4 Million to Jesuit University

Tim Kaine’s Bishop Responds

Pro-Life Leader Endorses Trump

Trump Assures Christians He'll Protect the Faith

Tim Kaine Predicts Church Will 'Change' on Gay Marriage

Cdl. Burke: 'Every Vote Counts'

Catholics Protest VP Pick Outside His Church