Help and Support

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A number of solutions and suggestions are listed below. Please note, these suggestions are offered as advice only, and Church Militant cannot be held responsible for damage caused to your hardware or software because of attempts to follow them. If you are uncomfortable following these instructions, please consult a computer professional. 

If you need further technical support with the website, please email with your query (please note that if your issue involves credit card payments, we are unable to take credit card information via email. If you need to give us your credit card, you should call 248-545-5716. We will be happy to help you.

"I cannot remember my password / my password is rejected!"

You can reset your password using this link Enter your email address, and it will email a link which you can use to reset the password. Note: this link can only be used once; do not click the link multiple times (if you do, you will need to request a new link). Passwords must be at least eight characters.

"When I log in, I get a blank screen or a '500 error'!"

It is likely your password is too short. If it is less than eight characters, please use this reset link as described above.

"When I log in, I get no error but it just reverts to the login page!"

This problem is often caused by your computer not accepting "cookies". Make sure your browser is set to accept (or not reject) cookies from our site. If that does not work, try clearing / deleting stored cookies (often found under "internet history" or similar) to get fresh ones from our site.

"I have used the reset link, but the reset email never comes!"

Check the "spam," junk or promotions folders in your email. If it is not there, it may be your ISP is blocking the email. In this case, email us at, and we will be happy to help.

"I am sure I am entering the right password, but it doesn't let me in! This happens every time I make a payment!"

This problem is normally caused by a mismatch between your login and payment passwords, which are normally the same but which can become unsynched if you request a reset of a payment password when you aren't logged into the site. To rectify this, contact us and request that we reset your password (either to a password you provide, or a password which we will set).

"I want to sign up for a Premium account."

If you are not logged in as a Premium user, there are many "Go Premium" links on the site in various places. The "Church Militant Premium" at the top of every page is one. Click it and follow the on-screen instructions.

"I am trying to sign up for a Premium account, but it tells me my email is already in use!"

You probably already have an existing account, but it is not Premium. Log in to your account using this link and then select one of the "Go Premium" links. Follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade the account.

"I would like to make a tax-deductible donation."

Click on the "Support Us" tab at the top of each page of the site. There are many options to donate there. Our general donation page is here, and you can use that to make an instant donation, either one-time or recurring. Donations made are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of U.S. state and federal law.

"I would like to purchase items from the store."

Visit the store using the tab at the top of each page of the site or by clicking this link Browse the store using the links or the search feature. Add items to your cart as you wish, and when you have chosen everything you like, click "Checkout" and enter the shipping and payment information. Don't forget Premium subscribers get 10 percent off most purchases from the store!

"I need to change my password, my name or address, the email I use to log in or the credit card I use to pay for my Premium subscription."

Log in to your account (if you are logged in, you will see your name / email in the upper right of the screen. If you are not logged in, you can use this link Access the "Settings" menu by hovering your mouse over your name / email and then clicking "Settings" from the drop-down menu (or use this link You can then use the various links there to make changes to your account. Note: changing your email address here changes the email used to log in to the site. You will still receive newsletter emails at the old email, and your new email will be added to the newsletter list within a week.

"I pay in advance (without a subscription) and need to buy more time."

Access the "Settings" menu as described above. There will be an option to purchase additional time near the top. You can buy three, six or 12 months worth of access.

"I need to cancel my recurring subscription."

Access the "Settings" menu as described above. There will be an option to cancel the recurring subscription near the top; simply click it. You will not be billed again unless you restart the subscription or start another one. You will have access until the paid period ends. Note: canceling a recurring subscription does not cancel any recurring donation you may have.

"I need to restart my subscription."

Access the "Settings" menu as described above. If you are within the paid period of a recurring subscription, there will be a simple option to restart near the top — click it and your subscription will be restarted. Otherwise, you will see a link to sign up for a subscription — click that and you will be able to go through the subscription process.

"I need to modify or cancel a recurring donation."

You should receive email receipts for the payments made; each has a link to manage or modify your recurring donation. Click that link and make any changes you need.

"Someone bought me a gift subscription. How do I use it?"

Visit and follow the on-screen instructions. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one. If you have an account, you should log in to it first so the gift code can be used to upgrade the existing account.

"When I use the gift code, it tells me I already have a subscription, but I don't!"

The site thinks you have a subscription because you went partially through the process when creating it. In this instance, contact us at, and we will be happy to help you. Include the gift code in your email to us.