Locking Down Their Power

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by Paul Murano  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 16, 2020   

If they win, we lose

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If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected and Congress gains a Democrat majority in both chambers, the United States could become a very different country, very quickly.

All signs indicate that the Left's first move would be to lock down its power.

It's reasonable to expect the following to occur should Democrats take over the White House and Congress:

  • Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia will become states. This will ensure four more Democratic seats in the Senate and at least three more Democratic seats in the house.
  • Next up — eliminating the filibuster: This will give the majority party in the Senate free rein to push through any radical agenda with the Republicans being completely powerless to stop it.
  • The Electoral College will be abolished. This will allow the media propaganda machine to concentrate on the large metropolitan areas, more efficiently conditioning a majority of Americans to vote Democrat.
  • The Supreme Court will be packed with judges infected with progressive ideology. The number of justices on the Court will depend on what's needed to keep safe its unconstitutional rulings that uphold their Culture of Death.
  • The mainstream media will continue to be the de facto communication arm of the Democratic Party and social media platforms will be given free rein to censor all conservative speech — offensive to the progressive narrative.
  • Most importantly, all these moves will consolidate to quash Catholic truth from being heard. The Left knows very well who its real enemy and major obstacle is. Any sharing of Catholic teaching on homosexuality, abortion, transgenderism, or any other crime against nature that gains traction will be outlawed as "hate speech." Those who persist in speaking the truth will be severely punished.

This is what can be expected if the Party of Death takes over the White House and Congress and locks down its power through the Courts and new legislation.

Be sure to vote.

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