The Download: The Pill Kills

by Church Militant  •  •  January 22, 2016   

Contraception isn't just a matter of morals — it's a matter of life and death.

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How pro-life are you? If you're on the pill, the answer may surprise you. While not openly advertised, it is well established the pill, as well as preventing conception, acts as an abortifacient.

Conception occurs when an egg, released during ovulation, meets a sperm. At conception, a new, unique human life is created. At this point, he or she enters the zygote stage. The pill is designed to prevent this from happening by artificially adjusting a woman's cycle to prevent ovulation.

Should ovulation occur, the pill has a backup: It thins the walls of the uterus, which prevents implantation, the next stage of pregnancy. Without being able to implant, the zygote cannot develop, starves — and dies.

The number of abortions that occur inside the woman are difficult to estimate. But given the sheer number of women on the pill, as well as the mechanism by which the pill operates, this means a staggering number of people are aborted by this method — and often without the mother's knowledge.

Other methods of birth control that can cause abortions are intrauterine devices, the patch, the minipill and contraceptives delivered via injection. When combined with the pill, the number of early abortions skyrockets into the millions, easily rivaling the number of surgical abortions.

The "morning after pill," euphemistically referred to as Plan B, kills via primary mechanism. A massive dose of hormones quickly thins the uterine wall, ensuring that no implantation can occur.

So can you be pro-contraception and pro-life? When it comes to the pill, the question answers itself.


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