Consecration of Russia: Has It Been Done?

EWTN gives a good response to this general question "Has Russia been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?" A good historical dateline is provided there.

Specifically, the Church has said that the consecration has been done and Sr. Lucy appears to have confirmed this or, at least, said the consecration done has been "accepted" by Heaven. Therefore, to continue to advocate contrary to what the Church says in this regard is to sow division and distrust of the Church and, in effect, place Mary in opposition to the Vicars of Christ.

It is inconceivable that Our Lady would ask that Catholics listen to her and judge the popes and bishops as disobedient liars for not having obeyed her, but this is the practical effect of individuals and movements organized around the notion that the Church has not obeyed Our Lady and is lying to us that they have.

Our Lady would never place herself above the Vicar of Christ and expect Catholics to obey her and ignore the Church. Even if it is true that popes and bishops have "disobeyed" the direct request of Our Lady (and we propose this for the sake of argument only), there is no way Our Lady would encourage people, practically, to separate themselves from submission to the Roman Pontiff (part of the canonical definition of schism) and to submit to her instead. If one starts to follow Our Lady as pope in practice, then we cease to follow the visible Church and the Vicar of Christ and create a kind of Marian Catholic Church in opposition to the visible Roman Catholic Church.

Since Church Militant does, in fact, submit to the Roman Pontiff and the authority of the Church, and since the Church has said that the consecration has been done, who are we (or anyone else) to say it has not? What fruits can come from continuing to insist that the consecration has not been done beyond increased separation of Catholics from the Chair of Peter?

The Church says the consecration has been done. Sister Lucy confirmed it has been done. Those who say it has not are in danger of heading into disobedience and potentially schism. Our Lady could never smile on those who have organized their lives and apostolates around the notion that the Church has disobeyed Our Lady and is lying to us, and that Catholics should listen to Our Lady over against the authority of the Church.