Retreat at Sea 2019 Videos

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1: Know Your Dignity

Societal values are built upon the dignity of the human person.

2: The Law of Love

Love, or charity, is the great commandment of the Lord.

3: Minimum and Maximum Morality

The moral life has to avoid the evil but do the good.

4: Grace Gone Wild

A person must correspond with the graces given to him.

5: Freedom and Truth

Catholics are about the truth, and Our Lord said, "The truth will set you free."

6: Natural Law & Conscience

Natural law and conscience are used to arrive at objective truth and morality.

7: What Are the Rules?

Moral decisions must be made under moral circumstances with a moral intent.

8: The Hot Buttons

Using free will to recognize what is moral or immoral.

9: The One-Two Punch

Let's review faith and works. One without the other accomplishes nothing. Saint James said, "Faith without works is dead."

10: The End of Morality

The end (telos) of morality is Heaven.