Social Justice Organizations

There are many charitable organizations run by or affiliated with the Catholic Church, individual dioceses, parishes, particular priests, etc. While many, if not most, of these organizations do excellent work in promoting authentic social justice, helping the disadvantaged or otherwise performing the corporal works of mercy and other actions of genuine Christian charity, there are some that are unfortunately working against the Church's mission. For example, some charitable organizations promote contraceptive use or other forms of birth control, while others promote homosexuality or other inappropriate sexual behavior.

In light of this, it can be difficult for a faithful Catholic to know which organization(s) to support or patronize. While a comprehensive list of faithful and unfaithful organizations is impossible, Church Militant has some suggestions.

Firstly, we strongly advise the support of smaller, local groups, including local pro-life groups, soup kitchens, and the like. Not only does this more "grassroots" approach allow you to more carefully and easily vet and work with such organizations, smaller organizations often have lower administrative overhead and more of your donation goes to the cause and less to paperwork.

Secondly, we recommend the following special reports we have produced on the subject of social justice organizations within the Catholic Church:

Thirdly, the Lepanto Institute is recommended as a source of information on social justice organizations. They do sterling work in research and publication of this information, and Church Militant works closely with them.

As previously mentioned, while it is impossible to offer an exhaustive list of faithful and unfaithful organizations (and if we attempted to, that might risk implying all organizations not listed were the opposite, something that would not necessarily be the case), we recommend the following two organizations as faithful to the Church's teaching in all matters and a worthy recipient of charitable donations.

Caritas in Veritate International

Aid to the Church in Need