Memories in Video

A Life Story Conversation


Memories in Video is a priceless gift you can present to your children or grandchildren.

It's also a wonderful opportunity for children to preserve the life story of their parents and always have that treasure of a heart-to-heart conversation from you to them. 

Pictures and home movies are wonderful, yet they're not the same as a professionally recorded and edited video that captures the essence, the life story and the beauty that is your mother, father or grandparents. 

Hear in Dad's own words about his love of the Faith, or listen again to how Mom and Dad first met ... and you'll have it all on video now to pass down to your children!

Simply click here to connect with our partners, who will explain the process to you and set up a time to record your loved one or yourself. 

By taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity, you are also helping to support St. Michael's Media and Church Militant, which will receive a $100 donation per video.

Please call 248.924.3080 or click here (and scroll down) to schedule an appointment!