Mike Parrott Deposition Clips

Mike Parrott was deposed on May 31, 2022. The entire deposition was videotaped. Parrott fought our request to unseal the deposition, and to this day insists that portions of it be kept confidential.

Below are highlights from that day.

(On Sept. 27, 2022, Church Militant settled with Parrott, who admitted wrongdoing in defaming Church Militant and agreed to pay a portion of attorneys' fees.) 

Bad Memory

Textbook Fraud

Lying About Threats to His Family

Lying About the Fr. Jackson Fundraiser

Lying About an Abuse Victim

Lying to the US Marines

No Forensic Computing

No Access to Evidence

Refusing to Answer

Lying About Fr. James Altman

Lying About His Private Chapel

Lying About His Phone Call With Voris

No Complaint to the MI AG

Lying About Hiring 'Two Teams'

Lying About Confession

Lying About Milo and Voris

Lying About 'Gay Cruise'

Wrong About Bodman Law Firm & CM


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