The New Catacombs


April, 2021

Dear Faithful of Christ,

God’s blessings upon you.

In this first statement to you, the faithful of Christ, we, the Patres Fidelium Christi (Fathers of Christ’s Faithful), would like to state who we are and our intention for this new forum by which, thanks to Church Militant, we are able to communicate to you.

First, we offer a word on who we are. We are priests and deacons of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, which means that we are fathers, spiritual fathers to you, and, thus, we love you, we love you like our own children with fatherly affection (after all, that is why we became priests — to give fatherly care to the children of the Church and of Our Lady in paternal love). We know what difficulties you are all experiencing during these times, especially in this last year.

This leads us to our intention, through these “New Catacombs” (thank you, Church Militant, for making this forum available to us), to communicate to you both our thoughts on current events and issues in the world, as well as giving you what we can of encouragement and counsel during such events.

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