Preserving Catholics

Orthodox Catholics have been shut out of the leftist media for decades, but technology has given us the ability to create a rival media. In order for this rival media to function, it's reliant on technology owned by the people it's rivaling and whose agenda it's exposing. We've grown increasingly concerned about access to our work being cut off from us, which is entirely possible. Everything we write and produce could instantly be inaccessible to us.

We made the decision to purchase our own server, which will prevent such an occurrence. There are many other ways corporate giants who do not agree with us could hamper our work, but our own server largely prevents anything from happening in this area.

We are in a whole new world. What the future holds is not certain, but what we do know is that concerns about censorship, leftist agendas, technological control, liberal messaging and rage against authentic Catholicism is definitely on the rise.

Please contribute whatever you can today to our Preserving Catholics Campaign so we can continue to stand against the leftist domination of the media, both inside and outside the Church.