Wills, Estates & Legacy Giving

Hello! This is Michael Voris. Thank you for visiting this page and researching options on how to remember Church Militant and St. Michael’s Media in your estate planning (Will, Trust, 401K distribution, etc.). Before we get to the nitty-gritty, you and I both know that legacies are much more than just financial contributions.

Let me explain.

Our mission at Church Militant is to make saints. On average each month we have one million visitors to our website checking out our videos and articles, and thousands diving into our catechetical programs. Every day we receive messages from Catholics thanking us for our work in helping them learn the Faith, as well as engaging in the battle in our culture and, unfortunately, for our Church.

As Catholics, you and I know there is more to life than what is around us, correct? Yes, our family and friends are important to us, and as St. Paul said, we are not made for this world. Therefore, it’s important we are prepared for all aspects of life …

That means death, too.

Yes, it’s a grim topic that few people want to discuss. Thankfully the Catholic Church provides wonderful resources to prepare us both physically and spiritually. Before we proceed with the topic of financial contributions, I want to provide you with resources on the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell.

While the majority of other Catholic non-profits are only asking you to “Remember us in your will” — without even sharing with you the MORE important parts of your passing — I don’t want to do this.

Instead, I am asking that you be prepared for a holy death.

If you do remember Church Militant and St. Michael’s Media in your estate plan, great! (I have the details below on how to do so.) But let’s stick with the more important topics.

The Catholic Church has always reminded Her spiritual children to reflect often, even daily, on the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. (St. Jerome always had a skull on his desk to remind himself of his mortality.)


For there is nothing better conceived than this powerful meditation to bring forcefully before our minds the essential purpose of life, namely, to save our souls and avoid Hell. The saints have recommended it most highly, especially the great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori (1689–1787).


We carry this book by Fr. Martin von Cochem in our online store (covers vary). Click here.

Now that you have a resource to start learning how to have a holy death, I do ask that you consider remembering Church Militant and St. Michael’s Media in your estate plan.

How do you do this?

The easiest way is to call our office and ask for Susan Vance or Carmen Allard.

Susan is a lifelong Catholic whose faith is at the center of her life. She’s a founding member of the apostolate, and we’ve been working together since the start in 2006. Susan is a native Detroiter and proud of it! Her son currently resides in New York City, where he practices Corporate Law and has a two-year-old French Bulldog named Roger, named after the “greatest tennis player of all time,” Roger Federer. She has since discovered that she actually does like dogs, especially Roger!





Or you can speak with Carmen, whom I have also been working with for years. She’s been instrumental in organizing our big events like the Retreat at Sea. Carmen is a native Southern Californian, transplanted to Detroit in 2015 to work at Church Militant! She is also a dog lover; Lucy is an eight-year-old, redheaded French Poodle, with a temperament to match (looks like she even helped with the drive east from California!)      






You can contact either Susan or Carmen by phone at (248) 545-5716 or by email at Development@ChurchMilitant.com.

Either of them will be happy to have a discussion with you.

If you simply want to know what text to include in your will, please click here to view our PDF.

Thank you, and may God bless you and your family,

Michael Voris

(Also a dog lover!)


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