Mike Parrott and Trad Patrick

(Warning: explicit content) Mike Parrott, whom Church Militant has sued for defamation, has been closely associated with a pro-fascist, pro-Hitler, racist character who goes by the alias "Trad Patrick." While Parrott has recently been deleting any trace of evidence tying them together, a number of screenshots prove their association. 

Trad Patrick ran a group chat on Telegram called "Rights and Duties" (recently deleted after being exposed), which routinely posted comments praising Adolf Hitler and fascism. Trad Patrick on multiple occasions referred to Blacks as "n*ggers."

It appears Mike Parrott was not only a member of the "Rights and Duties" group, but also an admin of the group. Parrott's admin title was "Gamer Jew." 

In a May 5, 2021 episode of Restoring the Faith, Parrott said of Trad Patrick that he is his "most regular guest."

In that same episode, both men discussed fascism, with Trad Patrick calling it "rightly ordered society" and praising Mussolini — a murderous dictator responsible for the slaughter of around 400,000 people, the establishment of concentration camps and the approval of racial laws similar to those of Nazi Germany.

"You're like a pro-Mussolini guy," Parrott says.

"Was Mussolini a bad guy?" Trad Patrick asks later. "No."

He goes on to say, "Fascism is just rightly ordered society. It's just society that economically, politically, people-wise, all of that, looks inward instead of looking outward."

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After Trad Patrick draws an analogy to the Church, Parrott interjects, "That's actually a pretty good tie-in."

"I would be so excited if you could keep up with your anchor distribution as well, because I like to listen to your podcasts," Parrott later gushes. "Be well, my friend. Take care."

Trad Patrick also regularly hosted Parrott on his podcast, writing in a post earlier this year, "Mike and I are back to our once a week show."


Mike Parrott (as RTF) was an admin of Trad Patrick's Telegram group "Rights and Duties" (center image). Parrott went by the admin name "Gamer Jew."


Parrott was also a guest on Trad Patrick's show: "Mike and I are back to our once a week show" (far left image).


Martin Navarro, a close associate of Mike Parrott, was also associated with Trad Patrick, who encouraged followers to donate to Navarro's community Oblates of St. Augustine (far right image).

Trad Patrick's recommended "Fascism Reading List" includes Hitler's Mein Kampf and German Foreign Policy, as well as biography The Artist Within the Warlord: An Adolf Hitler You've Never Known and Leon Degrelle's book Hitler for a Thousand Years. It also includes Mussolini Memoirs and Fascism: 100 Questions Asked and Answered, among many other selections.


Some of Trad Patrick's posts denigrating Blacks:


"N*ggers should be all deported back to Africa. Ok" (far left image).


"The thing about these larpy ass neonazis is Hitler would have killed them all; they all have blacks intermarried in their families" (far right image).

Catholic commentator Michael Lofton first exposed Parrott and Trad Patrick's ties in June 2021:

I write this post because I'm tired of being lied about by Mike Parrott from Restoring the Faith and Trad Patrick from Rights and Duties. I truly believe everyone needs to be warned about what they are doing behind the scenes. Mind you, I didn't search these things out; instead, they were sent to me by people who were scandalized by their actions.

After exposing him, Lofton became the target of Parrott's own defamation campaign, Parrott falsely claiming Lofton was funded by Opus Dei and Bp. Robert Barron: "He's Opus Dei / +Barron funded. Lives in an $750/mo apartment but has a $10k studio. Message me for more."

Lofton responded, "I have never been Opus Dei or Barron funded, so these are lies," going on to note that Parrott "tried to dox me, but came up with outdated information."


Trad Patrick's posts: "I want to punch every n*gger when I see that monkee floyd" (far left image).


"I will not call a n*gger pope" (center image).

"When Trad Patrick was made aware that I was sent these screenshots, he began to call my children racist names, since my children are mixed," Lofton said. Among the names he called Lofton's children are "n*ggers."


A photoshopped image mocking Michael Lofton and his African-American wife (far right image). Trad Patrick called Lofton's children "n*ggers."


Trad Patrick comments on George Floyd: "Floyd is in Hell getting raped by demons" (center image).


More photos of Hitler posted in Trad Patrick's Telegram chat group (far left image).

Even after Trad Patrick's abhorrent conduct was exposed, Parrott continued to welcome him back as a guest on his show, including an Aug. 27, 2021 podcast titled "Afghanistan, COVID, Inflation and the NWO — with Trad Patrick."

Parrott recently deleted the podcast in his attempt to erase ties to Trad Patrick.

Aug. 27, 2021 episode of Restoring the Faith with Trad Patrick.



Photoshopped image shows Michael Voris holding a black dildo

instead of a sword (image blurred owing to explicit nature);

bottom image shows distorted photo of

Taylor Marshall and Tim Gordon.

Trad Patrick's group chat also posted vulgar and even sexually explicit photoshopped images of Michael Voris, Timothy Gordon and Taylor Marshall. One image replaced a sword Voris was holding with a black penis (see image on right), accompanied by commentary about being "gay."

While Voris led a mortally sinful lifestyle before his return to the Faith, since his reversion he has been a faithful son of the Church, devoting his apostolate to the spread of the Faith and the salvation of souls.

As far as we know, Parrott has never publicly disavowed Trad Patrick.

Lofton called into question Parrott's emotional stability, after he received a barrage of puerile messages from Parrott that night: "I received over 20 emails from Mike, many of which alerted me to his instability."

Others have also called into question Parrott's emotional health, including former business associate Joe "Beard," who launched Restoring the Faith Media, built the site and served as original co-host, before leaving after Parrott claimed he had signed over the entire business into his own name:

He is a serial liar to the point when you are having a conversation with him you are so turned around by the end of the conversation with the lying, mocking, ad hominem, maniacal laughing, etc. you don't quite know if you are in the right or the wrong by the end of the conversation. 

[W]ho Mike is has now become public, and I do not wish that people be duped into defending this person when they do not know who he really is.

He added, "This whole situation is a great lesson to all of us to remain vigilant at all times. People are not what they seem."

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