1 in 3 US Adults OK With ‘Open Marriages’

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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 20, 2023   

Moral decline greatest in young adults

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As the nation's moral collapse continues, only half of U.S. adults find "open marriages" unacceptable.

A Pew Research poll published last week found a greater acceptance of marital infidelity among younger adults.

The Numbers 

When asked about how adults view open marriage:

  1. Among all adults 
    1. Acceptable – 33%
    2. Unacceptable – 50%
  2. Men
    1. Acceptable – 36%
    2. Unacceptable – 49%
  3. Women
    1. Acceptable – 30%
    2. Unacceptable – 52%

Demographics With the Highest Support for 'Open Marriages' 

  • By far, the people who accepted this the most were those who identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual, with 75% calling the arrangement acceptable and only 13% deeming it unacceptable.
  • The second largest supporters of agreed infidelity were young adults aged 18–29, with 51% accepting and 31% rejecting.
  • The other notable subgroup were Democrats, who were 47% favorable to the idea and 36% unfavorable.

Demographics With the Lowest Support 

  • The group most supportive of traditional marriage were individuals aged 65+, 70% of whom claimed the idea was unacceptable, and only 15% deemed it acceptable. 
  • Conservative voters were the second least favorable group, with 64% deeming it unacceptable and 20% finding it acceptable.

Marital Status 

  • Only 57% of married couples believe open marriages are unacceptable, with 27% deeming them acceptable.
  • Among unmarried cohabitors, 56% view open marriage favorably, and only 27% think of it negatively.

Bottom Line 

  • The younger and more left-leaning an individual is, the less likely he is to respect the sanctity of marriage. 
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