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by James Fedewa  •  •  February 24, 2022   

15 bills to fight LGBTQ indoctrination

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The three Rs in the classroom (reading, writing and arithmetic) are increasingly getting replaced with another letter-laced curriculum — LGBTQ. Parents have had enough and are persuading lawmakers to introduce bills that combat leftist indoctrination. Church Militant's James Fedewa has details.

Kimberly Fletcher, president and founder, Moms for America: "Parents' rights are fundamental and supreme, and no government has the right to dictate to us how we're going to raise our children."

Parents are no longer simply complaining about woke indoctrination infiltrating America's classrooms; they're lobbying for change. How? They're getting behind legislation like Florida's Parental Rights in Education bill that prohibits classroom discussion about sexual orientation. 

Concerned dad: "It's my job to teach my kids about sex. It is your job to teach about reading, writing and arithmetic."

GOP lawmakers have filed 15 bills in nine states since May — most within the past four weeks — to ban or limit gender-identity discussions and LGBT materials, like sexually perverse books, in public schools.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla.: "You have politicians saying parents have no role in the education of their kids. Give me a break."

Unelected president Joe Biden attacked Florida's bill, calling it hateful, and vowed to fight for kids who align with the LGBTQ community. 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki: "It's cruel, it's harmful ... to really regulate what students can or can't read, what they can or cannot learn and, most troubling, who they can or cannot be."

Critics claim the bills, which they call "gag orders," restrict free speech, but proponents beg to differ.


We need to remember that we're not just a government for the people but of and by the people. And when we can teach our children that, when we can understand it ourselves, then, suddenly, we're empowered with a knowledge and understanding that transcends any person sitting in an elected office.

Supporters of these measures say they'll prevent strangers from "sexualizing children at an early age" behind parents' backs.

As the report mentioned, most of the bills would affect K–12 schools if passed. Oklahoma's Senate Bill 1141, however, would prevent public colleges and universities from requiring students to take any class that pertains to gender identity or racial diversity.

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