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by Paul Murano  •  •  April 9, 2022   

Destroying Catholic health care

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Katie Lord, RN, Catholic Medical Center: "I've been able to give the care I wanted to give as a nurse, and I've been able to do that here at CMC."

The Biden administration, with its fake Catholics strategically in place, is about to deliver what could be a death blow to Catholic health care in America. In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Paul Murano reports on an upcoming confrontation of ideologies.

The Catholic Benefits Association, a group dedicated to upholding religious rights, discovered an ominous memo that was attached to a court filing last year — revealing the next big move for Joe Biden's Party of Death.

Xavier Becerra, secretary, Department of Health and Human Services: "I don't equate gender-affirming care to mutilation."

The 74-page court document obtained by CBA shows a coalition suing the department of HHS that includes sexually deviant groups from Planned Parenthood to the National Center for Transgender Equality. Their goal? To prohibit, on the basis of discrimination, all exceptions to leftist ideology in healthcare.

Joe Biden: "To all transgender Americans watching at home, especially young people, you're so brave. I want you to know your president has your back."

It would force Catholic hospitals and health care providers to perform surgical child killings, sterilizations, unnatural fertility treatments and sex-mutilation surgeries. It would also mandate administering contraception and abortifacients as well as harmful sex hormones. 

Becerra: "I believe in supporting and protecting transgender youth."

Catholics and others would be required to include these moral evils in their health care plans. 

Doug Wilson, CEO, Catholic Benefits Association: "HHS 1557 requires health plans to provide the full range of medical, surgical and psychological transgender services."

Conscience and religious exemptions would be deemed unacceptable and discriminatory. In a brief filed in federal court in January, HHS called the memo a road map to an upcoming 2022 universal mandate, expected this month.

The CEO of Catholic Benefits Association, Doug Wilson, noted: "It is written to end Catholic health care. The requirements are so far beyond Catholic teaching that Catholic employers of every sort would be faced with complying or shutting down."

Dr. James Dobson, host, Family Talk: "The culture is at war with parents for the hearts and minds of children."

Protestant James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, wrote: "Its plan is to usher in an explosion of new abortion and 'sexual rights' that will not only wreak havoc upon God's created order but also will crush existing protections for people of faith who serve as health care providers."

CBA shared the information with the American bishops. The U.S. Church hierarchy, in the past, has allowed a revolution against the Sixth Commandment to morph into a Culture of Death — all without much pushback. On this upcoming assault on faith, reason and natural law, will the successors of the Apostles decide to fight back? 

Speaking of the anticipated regulations coming forth from HHS, Wilson claimed they will "represent a well-crafted and well–thought out way to remove religion from health care."

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