Court Corruption

by Stephen Wynne  •  •  May 30, 2018   

A judge in the tank for abortion

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Refusing to recuse himself, an activist California judge with deep ties to the abortion industry continues to persecute pro-life leader David Daleiden in court despite the clear conflict of interest.

Daleiden, the head of the pro-life advocacy group Center for Medical Progress, has been targeted by high-powered abortion activists since 2015 when he began releasing undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the sale of aborted baby parts.

For this, California prosecutors charged him with multiple felonies and Planned Parenthood filed suit to prevent additional video releases. Judge Orrick, a Planned Parenthood funder and advocate, has presided over the case.

Orrick used his influence as a board member for Good Samaritan Resource Center to secure a rent-free space and volunteers for a Planned Parenthood facility inside the San Francisco non-profit.

After Daleiden continued to release videos exposing the abortion industry, Orrick held him in contempt of court and slapped him and his attorneys with a $200,000 fine. The pro-abortion judge asserted they may damage the business and reputation of abortion providers and argued it was "in the public interest" to conceal the contents of the videos.

The Daleiden case exemplifies the Left's double standard. Though undercover investigations are legal in California, Orrick — together with California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and others — is working to suppress Daleiden's undercover work to safeguard high-powered allies in the abortion industry.

There is a parallel between the double standard of the political Left and their counterparts inside the Church. The theological Left trumpets the cause of illegal immigration, the death penalty and climate change even as they remain silent on — and persecute opponents of — contraception, abortion and other life issues.

Watch the panel discuss the Left's double standard in The Download—Court Corruption.


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