A Scheme to Destroy the Church

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by Phillipe Champlain  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 3, 2021   

Say no to so-called synodality

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There's really no such thing as a "Synodal Way" as seen playing out in Germany. It's sheer nonsense to think tableside musings from a group of men sitting around a table can reshape the Catholic Church and replace its eternal truths with their temporal ruminations. Such paths have been tried in the past, but these dissident synodal routes have led to dead ends and the damnation of their adherents.


Thomas Sternberg and Bp. Georg Bätzing

Synodal Way’s second Synodal Assembly

(photo: Synodaler Weg/Maximilian von Lachner.)

Since the great political revolutions in America and France spearheaded the replacement of monarchial rule with forms of representative democracies worldwide, most men throughout the world have come to value the rule of nations by a nation's people participating in their own governance. It's one thing to value democratic rule; it's another thing altogether to use people's fondness for democratic government and then jump from this shared value to holding tabletop discussions about matters of divine faith.

 Our Lord in His active ministry never advocated for such a form of government and decision-making for the Church He established! He did, however, entrust the Church and its governance to the 12 Apostles and their successors, with Peter as the Church's first pope. Since Her inception, the principal aim of the Church has been the salvation of souls with no accommodations for tertiary goals such as peoples' sentiments and national proclivities.

News Report: Bishops Rebuke German 'Synodal Way'

But this principal aim of the Church namely, the salvation of souls, is being substituted for something temporal and mundane as recently documented in Our Sunday Visitor:

The goal of the process (Synodal Way) is for the Church to become more synodal — that is, to learn better how to "journey together." Doing that will require dialogue and input from all the people of God, according to diocesan leaders who are looking at the road map and figuring out what they will need along the way.

It's as if a group of men and women with no skin in the game — the non-ordained, the marginally catechized, bishops of uncertain piety and questionable sexual orientation — know the mind of the Almighty or the subtleties of the mysteries of the Catholic faith and the Church's dogmas. It is just absurd to believe their groupthink has any merit at all. They pretend the Ten Commandments in 2021 are open for discussion and alteration or that, two thousand years later, the all-male priesthood set up by Christ Himself can be changed. They'd even undermine the understanding that marriage between a man and woman as established in biblical times and supported by natural law can now be jettisoned! Just ridiculous!

It's even more ludicrous when you consider the German Bishops' Conference pushing its anti-Catholic "Synodaler Weg" without a thought to the fact that the dogmas of the Church, by their very nature, are eternal truths and thus unchangeable or unalterable.

News Report: Kasper Questions Synodal Way

Yet, somehow in 2021, this conference of bishops thinks it's now just a little less than divine and empowered to discern what dogmas can be kept and which can be jettisoned! And this is being done as if the real truth was unknowable to prior generations, as if to say, "It's really just a matter of our enlightened minds now being superior to know and apprehend the mysteries of the Faith as compared to our predecessors!"

Fallen human beings had over the centuries a penchant for Gnosticism — an ancient heresy that has plagued the Church from its very first century and which many of the Church's greatest saints have fought time and again to halt.

The dogmas of the Church, by their very nature, are eternal truths and thus unchangeable.

The fundamental misunderstanding of those who espouse Gnosticism is the notion that their own individual or group perspective is supreme. This private knowledge somehow trumps the truth bestowed upon the world at large by a God who loves all humanity in a blanket fashion, not just a select few. This is described succinctly in Got Questions:

Gnostics claim to possess an elevated knowledge, a "higher truth known only to a certain few. Gnosticism comes from the Greek word gnosis which means "to know." Gnostics claim to possess a higher knowledge, not from the Bible, but acquired on some mystical higher plane of existence. Gnostics see themselves as a privileged class elevated above everybody else by their higher, deeper knowledge of God.

Modern psychology has demonstrated that certain personality types are vulnerable to adopting and fostering a Gnostic understanding of the Faith. The narcissist, for instance, believes he is God's gift to the Church and to the world in general and that he knows what's best for all men. Another is the bipolar individual, who on any given day thinks one way — and is oh so adamant about what he believes — but on another day will think just the opposite. They leave the casual observers pondering the ramifications of their ping-ponging thoughts. God forbid a parish council adds to its ranks an individual or two with these predispositions. Their participation can prove disastrous, as those of us who have volunteered on such councils know all too well.

Pope Francis' advocacy for a so-called Synodal Way

Pope Francis' advocacy for a so-called Synodal Way is the opening of a Pandora's box seemingly founded on the thought that groups of men and women, after roundtable discussions of sorts, have something to add to the Church's dogmas and doctrines. What this presupposes is the Church's supernatural truths are imperfect or incomplete. As many saints have asserted over the two millennia of Church history, the Catholic teachings, as historically revealed and recorded, are not changeable!

The more you ponder what's playing out in the Church with the misuse of the Synodal Way, the more laughable it becomes. The Church's laymen, therefore, are rightly not buying any of it. The obvious outcome of buying into the scheme is damnation. Just the thought that men could replace the sublime truths of the Church with the musings of spiritual philistines who are neither of goodwill nor even in the good graces of God is ridiculous!

This waywardness is just an aggressive attack against the ancient precepts of the Catholic Church dressed up in flowery language.

A word to the wise: You may discover narcissists in your study group at school or among your associates at work. But when they start spouting some drivel about this or that, just get in their face and say; "I don't buy it! Just because you advocate for this course of action does not make it the right course to take."

In most cases, they'll run away with their tail between their legs because they didn't expect any pushback. And when they get incensed because you didn't automatically buy into their course of action, tell them to stop shouting and prove their course of action is the best to take. If they can't prove it, you have won the battle. 

As a Frenchman at heart, who has lost too many close relatives in the last two world wars because of German aggression, it's hard not to take seriously this new German offensive to deprive me and my family of the truths of our unchanging Faith. There's absolutely no such thing as their dissident "Synodal Way," however, no matter how it's dressed up.

In truth, this waywardness is just an aggressive attack against the ancient precepts of the Catholic Church dressed up in flowery language. Supposedly it's about "dialogue and understanding" — inviting words that mask aggressive actions aimed against all those who adhere to the unchanging truths leading believers to Heaven.

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