A Tale of Two Police Forces

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by Martina Moyski  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 1, 2020   

Victor Orbán to Hungarian police: 'All lives matter'

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BUDAPEST, Hungary (ChurchMilitant.com) - While police are being ridiculed and attacked by leftist forces in many parts of the world, the prime minister of Hungary is pledging his respect and ongoing support for the "guardians of public order" in his homeland.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán promised that the nation will not abandon its uniformed officers as he addressed new police officers being sworn in at the historic Buda Castle on June 27.

"Hungary will never let its officers in uniform be left to fend for themselves," Orbán said, "because they deserve to be honored and respected, as they are the ones who make the sacrifices required for the security and peace of our homes."

Describing Chaos

The prime minister pointed to recent "surprising and upsetting" events unfolding across the West. "Members of the armed forces are being humiliated on the streets and in politics. The guardians of public order are being denounced as racists," Orbán said.

"An unprecedented firestorm of violence is sweeping through renowned cities," he said. "The state and law have disappeared from the streets."

Since the May 25 death of George Floyd at the hands of a rogue Minneapolis policeman, unrest — and in many places, anarchy — has erupted in towns and cities throughout the United States.

Statues representing the religious and cultural heritage of America have been vandalized — St. Junípero Serra was toppled in San Francisco; Christopher Columbus was defaced in Miami and Virginia and beheaded in Boston; and George Washington was set on fire in Portland. The Lincoln Memorial at the National Mall was spray-painted with the taunt, "Y'all not tired yet?"

"Police-free" autonomous zones have sprung up in Seattle. Moreover, leftist forces are attempting to create a "Black House" [a play on "White House"] autonomous zone in the nation's capital.

Growing numbers of police officers are quitting their jobs in Minneapolis, Buffalo and Atlanta, among other cities hard-hit by strife. Late last week, the Minneapolis city council voted 12–0 to dismantle the city's police force.


Seattle autonomous zone

(Photo: Ernie Li/NTD Television)

The riots have led to the deaths of at least two U.S. law-enforcement officers and injuries to more than 400 others. They have also resulted in millions of dollars in property damage and more than 9,000 arrests.

The lawlessness Orbán referenced was not limited to the United States; riots organized by Black Lives Matter have also erupted in London, Athens, Tel Aviv, Sydney and Mexico City, as well as multiple cities in Canada.

A Pledge to Hungary

"In Hungary," the prime minister said, "we prefer a world where order and common sense prevail, a world where the law protects the innocent and not the criminals."

Matching law-enforcement officers' vows to protect Hungary with a reciprocal pledge of support for the officers, Orbán stated: "In order to maintain this world, in order to preserve Hungary as an island of peace and security, we will need all of those who have made their vows here today."

"At the same time," he pointed out, "if those who have made their vows here today want to excel in their jobs, besides a love for their homeland, they will also need to have respect for themselves."

We prefer a world where order and common sense prevail, a world where the law protects the innocent and not the criminals.

Speaking to the cohesive power of love for homeland, the prime minister said that it "binds us together into a common fate, one that's great and exceptional, one that only belongs to us, and we all share in its greatness."

He also alluded to Hungary's ongoing battle to resist the open-border policies promoted by the European Union that have resulted in a politically and morally weakened Western Europe, as well as his administration's successful pro-family policies that have resulted in increased marriages and birthrates.

In Hungary, "all lives matter," said Orbán. "In order to preserve this kind of world, Hungary will need the commitment, competence and honest work ethic of its newly graduated officers," he added.

In an interview with Kossuth Radio earlier in June, the Hungarian leader reflected on the ironic advice of his critics: "I take a look at the countries which keep sending us messages about how to live our lives correctly, and how to govern and to operate a democracy well, and I don't know whether I should laugh or cry."

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