Abandoning African Christians

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by Trey Blanton  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  April 21, 2021   

Biden administration downplays religious freedom

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Nina Shea: "The Biden administration is downplaying religious freedom. He's demoting it."

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is green-lighting religious persecution, even though reports show it is the major cause of human rights abuse.

Blinken: "All people are entitled to these rights no matter where they're born, what they believe, whom they love, or any other characteristic."

Blinken is elevating the LGBT agenda and other social justice issues to the level of religious freedom.

One of his departments, USAID Middle East, tweeted an interview with a person whom it describes as a coordinator of "equity for diverse communities" instead of [her actual title].

Rita Stephan: "I am the regional coordinator for religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East and North Africa."

Blinken emphasizes Biden's new policy of treating religious persecution equally to other so-called human rights including access to abortion, despite religious minorities being unequally targeted.

Biden's administration is deceptively claiming to support religious rights by appointing a pastor who views Christian thinking as problematic.

Adam Phillips: "You see, I was one of those guys that my denomination put on posters to celebrate the future of the church. I know. Straight white guys, right? That's the problem. That's the problem."

Adam Phillips is now responsible for religious outreach within Biden's Department of State.

While Biden's administration pushes decimated Christian communities to accept homosexuality and gender dysphoria in their teachings, Islamic State, which slaughters homosexuals and Christians alike, is making inroads in Africa.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, after being defeated in Iraq and Syria, Islamic State has decided to forego land acquisition in Africa in favor of funding and training guerilla attacks.

Many violent Islamist groups, like the Fulanis, are capitalizing on this influx of cash and hardware to destroy entire Christian villages. 

Baroness Caroline Cox works to help persecuted people all over the world.

Cox: "[People] are suffering, I would say [from] Islamist terrorism. [We] work in Nigeria, and the jihadists have killed thousands. We do see the growth of Islamist terrorism in many places — down in Mozambique and Burkina Faso. It's growing very alarmingly."

Under Biden, Christians will see a reduction in assistance and protection, requiring the need for private organizations to provide authentic Christian charity.

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