Pro-Abort Nearly Runs Over Priest, Steals Pro-Life Signs

by Anita Carey  •  •  April 25, 2017   

Michelle Davis has been formally charged for the crime

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (Church - An abortion clinic volunteer faces charges after stealing pro-life signs and hitting a priest with her car.

During a pro-life vigil in front of an abortion mill on April 8, Fr. Joseph Klee, a priest in residence at Sacred Heart Church in Columbus, Ohio, was struck by a car while attempting to recover pro-life signs stolen by a pro-abortion activist. Michelle Davis, a volunteer escort at Founder's Women's Health Center, has been formally charged with theft and miscellaneous incident or assault for the crime.

Mark Harrington, founder of the pro-life group Created Equal, spoke with Church Militant and said Davis has been "harassing and intimidating pro-life volunteers by recording video of them in an obnoxious way" for at least two years.

He went on to say that the other pro-abortion groups "do not want to be affiliated with her but have not denounced her activities."
Created Equal was staging a peaceful prayer vigil in front of the abortion mill when Davis forcibly removed and stole the graphic abortion signs on display across the street.
"We've been very patient with her all along, and we're praying for her repentance, " Harrington told Church Militant. "But at this point, we need to prosecute her for theft and for the attempt to harm this Catholic priest."
We've been very patient with her all along and we're praying for her repentance, but at this point, we need to prosecute her for theft and for the attempt to harm this Catholic priest.
In addition to volunteering at the abortion clinic, Davis is an active abortion activist and mother of three. Referring to her own abortion after the birth of her first child, she says that "it's not a big deal. One in three women have them, and everybody needs to get over it."
In an interview with Columbus Underground in December, she commented that the entire abortion argument for her is about control, claiming that "any other debate around the issue doesn't matter, because if I am not an autonomous person, I don't even have a voice."
Created Equal is a pro-life outreach group founded in 2011 with the purpose of "training the next generation of leaders to go to the public square," says Harrington. These students act as the voice for unborn babies, providing campus and urban outreach to dispel the myths and lies perpetrated by the abortion industry.
Founder's Women's Health Center was revealed to have numerous staff and facility violations in 2015. The abortuary is owned by Harley M. Blank, the first doctor to perform an abortion after it was legalized after Roe v. Wade. At one time it employed Thomas Michaelis, an abortionist indicted by grand jury on November 6, 2014 on charges of child pornography involving the sexual exploitation of a child.
Harrington told Church Militant about a recent live stream debate between Created Equal's Director of Training, Seth Drayer, and Purdue University's Dr. David Sanders on the question "Is abortion a moral injustice?" They are also one of the co-sponsors of the April 28 and 29 ProtestPP rallies with the Pro-Life Action League.
Father Klee and pro-life volunteer Mark Wolf were attempting to halt the theft when Davis began to flee in her vehicle. Without regard to the personal safety of the men and other protesters in the area, she sped away, striking Fr. Klee and causing injury to his hand. Though Fr. Klee was treated at the scene for his minor injury, in Catholic teaching deliberately harming a priest or religious is considered a sacrilege and can be cause for excommunication.


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