Italian Woman’s Claims About Being Denied Abortion Fake

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by Juliana Freitag  •  •  May 4, 2017   

The Italian press are circulating fake news in an attempt to drum up abortion support

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PADUA ( - Recent reports in the Italian press claiming a woman who made 23 phone calls to hospitals and was denied an abortion have been shown to be false.
The Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL), the oldest and most important trade union in the country, is complicit in creating this false narrative in order to expand abortion rights in Italy. This comes in light of the recent controversy created by San Camillo Hospital in Rome, which recently advertised two job vacancies exclusively for abortionist doctors, re-opening the Church vs. State debate. 
Luca Coletto: This was all fake.
Law 194 dating from 1978 guarantees a woman's right to abort up until 90 days into her pregnancy, and also secures the right of "conscientious objection" by hospital staff — except when their service is urgently indispensable in a situation where the mother's life is at risk. Since the law's implementation, the Left has tried to eliminate every restriction legally imposed on abortion, but in the last decade, as everywhere else in the world, their militancy has become more and more authoritarian. Now, they are going after people's consciences. 
The story that made international headlines in April concerned a 41-year-old woman from Padua in the region of Veneto, which has the best-ranking government health assistance in Italy, and perhaps not coincidentally, the region with the highest percentage of conscientious objectors in the country.
The mother of two had been on a regular contraceptive method — one of the requirements of the law is that abortion should be the last resort and not used as birth control — and claimed she had to go to 23 different hospitals before she could finally get the procedure. At the first one in her hometown Padua, she claimed "there were no abortion appointments because 90 percent of staff is made of objectors."
CGIL rally
After undergoing "an odyssey," as the press reported, the woman turned to CGIL "because I knew they have always fought for the lawful application of a right. They helped me unblock this situation." In this narrative, not only abortion rights had been violated but the virtues of communist trade unions were also exalted. It was the perfect narrative.
"I'll never forget the lack of professionalism and humanity I've experienced," she complained. "What is the sense of promoting a law that gives freedom of choice but then there's no staff available to do it? It's offensive ... painful." 
Journalist Massimo Gramellini of Corriere della Sera was even more dramatic: "Your secular calvary finishes where it started. But you have changed. Now, you don't believe in law anymore."
The abortion eventually took place, in the same Padua hospital where the saga began. Last week it was learned this wasn't a mere coincidence. The inquiry run by the Veneto Police discovered that on December 15, 2015, the woman requested the abortion in a public clinic. She was referred to the Padua hospital for an appointment on December 23, and the hospital approved the abortion, scheduling it for January 12, 2016.
But because she didn't want to wait that long, the woman started calling various places, eventually making 23 calls to about 10 hospitals. There is no doubt she was disturbed and despairing, as is any woman who is about to commit the most soul-tearing violence against her own child, and that these calls were made with great anxiety — but it was not the "odyssey" reported in the press. There wasn't a single hospital that denied her an abortion; rather, the hospitals couldn't provide the abortion as immediately as she wished. 
There wasn't a single hospital that denied her an abortion. 
Catholic journalist Constanza Miriano, after condemning the dishonest reporting in the press, wrote:

To this anxious woman, has anyone said they'd be beside her to help raise this child? If there were economic problems or work hours issues, has anyone told her this child would be considered a blessing, that everyone was cheering for her? Has anyone tried to calm her, to tell her she could leave this baby in the hospital after it was born, that someone would be infinitely happy to adopt it if she still thought she couldn't have it, even after holding it in her arms?

And in an interview, Miriano further commented:
Their claim that there are too many objectors means they have to admit that abortion isn't a painless surgery, that it isn't as simple as eliminating a clump of cells. They have to admit that for a doctor it means to switch off a life. Then we understand that the problem is to remove conscience, not objection.
Luca Coletto, Regional Council Member for Health, complained:
This was all fake; everything was done in 28 days, abundantly within the time limits of the law. The odyssey was lived by the professional members of our health system, wrongly portrayed as monsters in the front pages. Health is a good of our people, not an instrument of defeatism politics. 




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