Abortion Industry Doubles Down in Face of Obstacles

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 18, 2019   

PP struggling in the face of CEO shake-up, Trump defunding

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The abortion machine continues to grind ahead in spite of obstacles: Planned Parenthood fired its CEO; a federal appeals court backed Trump's defunding of the abortion giant; and House Republicans tried to stop legalized infanticide for the 73rd time.

Alexis McGill Johnson is taking up the reins as Planned Parenthood's (PP) interim CEO after Dr. Leana Wen tweeted on Tuesday: "I just learned that the @PPFA Board ended my employment at a secret meeting. We were engaged in good faith negotiations about my departure based on philosophical differences over the direction and future of Planned Parenthood."

Johnson was appointed acting president and CEO the same day Wen tweeted her surprise at being let go. As an active PP member for nearly a decade, Johnson has also been the co-founder of the Perception Institute, claiming to fight racial and gender discrimination.

She advocates for minorities, calling pro-life activists racist: "the same as those who brought us poll taxes and literacy tests."

The same day PP's changing of the guard occurred, federal judges dealt the abortion giant a $60 million blow, described as "devastating" by the abortion giant.

The organization's Illinois branch is doubling down, claiming it will continue all operations despite losing out on millions in taxpayer money.

House Democrats are also pushing forward with their promotion of abortion, blocking the 73rd Republican attempt to pass a bill to ban infanticide. Self-proclaimed Catholic Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats stopped the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act from making it to the floor for a vote.

Illinois Republican John Shimkus brought the bill up again in the House Thursday, but Democrats quickly voted his effort down and cut off his microphone before he could lodge an objection.

Pro-life advocates are holding a National Day of Mourning to remember over 20 million black babies murdered by abortion since 1972. Organizers are protesting the construction of three massive abortion mills in majority-black neighborhoods in Richmond, Virginia; Charlotte, North Carolina and Birmingham, Alabama.

Three groups, Civil Rights for the Unborn, the Douglass Leadership Institute and The Restoration Project, are hosting the event on August 30–31 beginning in Richmond and proceeding to Raleigh and Charlotte, turning to Atlanta before ending in Birmingham.


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