Abortion on the Ballot: Georgia

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by Paul Murano  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 28, 2022   

Fighting for life in the Peach State

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November will see the first national elections since the fall of Roe, which made abortion a state responsibility. In the midst of the culture war, this is changing the meaning of the term "battleground state."

Church Militant's Paul Murano examines the status of one state with abortion indirectly on the ballot, and what's at stake for the future of its preborn children.

While all elections for the past 40 years have had abortion as their backdrop, the 2022 elections in states that aren't deep blue will have abortion as a focal point. Georgia is one of these battleground states.

The Peach State vaulted Dems to the majority in the U.S. Senate.

Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga.: "Georgia, I am honored by the faith you have shown in me."

Presently there's an abortion ban in Georgia after six weeks' gestation. Party of Death candidates this November would like to abolish this. Democratic gubernatorial candidate and rabid pro-abort Stacey Abrams staunchly opposes the ban. She's currently polling a few points behind incumbent governor Brian Kemp, who is pro-life.

Attorney General Chris Carr will try to fend off a challenge from Party of Death pro-abort Jen Jordan. In the past two months, Jordan's campaign raised more money than Carr's.

And one U.S. Senate race is pitting Georgia football star and staunch Trump supporter Herschel Walker up against pro-abort Raphael Warnock. Presently, three points separate them in the polls.

Herschel Walker, R-Ga., candidate for U.S. Senate: "I don't look like a politician. I don't talk like a politician. I don't even dress like a politician. My neck is a little too big for this tie."

While a six-week ban curtails many abortions, it doesn't fully satisfy pro-lifers — and it enrages pro-aborts. With three crucial races very close in the polls, there's much at stake for Georgia's preborn population.

Both chambers of the Georgia State House are firmly in Republican hands. If Gov. Kemp can stave off Stacey Abrams, protections for the preborn will remain a priority.

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