Abortionist Caught With Human Tissue in Trunk

by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 14, 2015   

The doctor involved has a long and shady history with abortion

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Update, Oct. 21, 2015: Saint John Providence Health System, which owns the hospital where Dr. Roth has had admitting privileges for years, clarified on October 16 that Roth is taking a leave of absence and is not working at the hospital.


DETROIT, October 14, 2015 (ChurchMilitant.com) - Sunday morning, investigators kicked in the door and raided the home of Dr. Michael Roth, an OB/GYN physician with a long and troubling history of doing abortions, after finding in his car containers of human tissue, as well as a drug for pain and sedation.

Catholic pro-lifers have been protesting Dr. Roth's admitting privileges at a Detroit-area Catholic hospital for years. Moreover, despite relentless pleas to the archdiocese of Detroit to intervene and either force the hospital to cut its ties to Roth or else strip it of its Catholic status, the archdiocese has allowed the scandal to go on unchecked.

Police discovered the questionable materials in Roth's car after he was involved in a traffic accident two weeks ago, in which he ran into and critically injured a special needs child.

As a result, Roth's car was impounded, and police subsequently obtained a warrant to search his vehicle for its data recorder. When they opened the trunk, they found 14 plastic containers and medical equipment. The containers reportedly had no labels, and there were no medical records found.

Within the console on the passenger side of the car, police found high amounts of Fentanyl, a drug specifically used for pain and sedation.

Right now, no criminal charges have been filed, but there is an ongoing investigation into the matter. Roth has already acquired an attorney.

Questions are currently being raised about the use of the medical equipment in the car and the origin of the human tissue, which could be fetal parts. The theory right now is that Roth may have been performing illegal abortions.

"It makes you wonder," says a doctor who lives across the street from Roth, "why would he be carrying Fentanyl in his car unless he's doing something at a clinic himself, and then, you know, is the tissue being used for research or what?"

Adding to the controversy is the tense history Roth has had with pro-life advocates over his staunch support and involvement in killing preborn babies. Catholic pro-lifers take special issue with the fact Roth has long held admitting privileges at Providence Park Hospital, a Catholic institution under St. John Providence Catholic healthcare system.

ChurchMilitant.com spoke with Lynn Mills, a champion of pro-life work in the Detroit area and beyond for years. She's been urging Providence to cut all ties with Roth for a while — so far, to no avail.

Now that the new information has come to light about Roth, Mills sees more pressure on the hospital to finally drop its connections to him. She also says it's time for an apology from Providence administration.

She says Roth, who had always performed abortions at his clinics, recently moved to a new location and vowed he was officially done doing abortions. Until now, there was no evidence to suspect he wasn't telling the truth. With the new findings, it appears he may have been continuing with abortions illegally on his own.

Mills says that if it's true Roth has been killing preborn children outside of his clinic, it raises all sorts of further questions about his reasons and motives, since nothing prevented him from doing it legally at the clinic. Was he trying to escape taxes? Did he simply want to make more profit? Is he harvesting fetal tissue, similar to what Planned Parenthood has recently been caught doing?

As the investigation continues, perhaps the answers to these questions will come more and more to light.


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