Ritzy Beverly Hills Abortion Mill Masks Horrific Truth

by Anita Carey  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 11, 2017   

Fr. Frank Pavone: "The truth is far different and far more disturbing"

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (ChurchMilitant.com) - A California abortionist is openly advertising her expertise at performing late-term abortions that she regularly botches.

The latest undercover phone call from Priests for Life has documented abortionist Josepha Seletz clearly admitting that she would kill and abort a healthy 22-week unborn baby from a healthy mother. The caller admitted both she and her baby were healthy and Seletz quickly quoted her the price of the abortion at her posh Beverly Hills office — nearly double of what other abortion mills charge.

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, said in the press release, "For the first time in our phone calls, the caller got the abortionist herself on the phone." Tara Shaver, a pro-life advocate of Abortion Free New Mexico, told Church Militant that the caller was surprised to get through to Seletz, saying, "It is fairly rare to be able to speak with the abortionist directly."

Church Militant asked Shaver if there was more to the call, and she replied, "Yes, there was more to the conversation that we will release in the future."

"This abortionist made it crystal clear that she is willing to kill healthy babies of healthy mothers at 22 weeks of pregnancy," Fr. Pavone said. Shaver told Church Militant the abortion business is "supply and demand," adding, "It is always about the money, making the deal and getting the patient in as quickly as possible for the procedure."

"[W]hat is interesting though is that Seletz is particularly brazen," Shaver notes. "She is very descriptive on her website which is rare, and she readily admitted that she charges more than the other abortion mills."

Seletz's website for Pro-Choice Medical showcases its well-appointed waiting rooms and balcony overlooking Beverly Hills, but Operations Rescue, a pro-life Christian activist group, exposed Seletz's dangerous record of botched abortions. "Ambulances are being regularly called to Seletz's abortion business because late-term abortions are not safe for the mother," said Troy Newman, president of Operations Rescue, in a press release.

Two women within two weeks had late-term abortions that went wrong at Seletz's abortion facility.

Operations Rescue noted that Pro-Choice Medical Center "offers only one service ... and that is abortion." They have obtained the recorded 911 calls for two botched abortions this year and three other botched abortions since November 2015. "Two women within two weeks had late-term abortions that went wrong at Seletz's abortion facility," Newman said.

"These 911 recordings prove just how dangerous late-term abortions really are for women and how barbaric they are for the growing babies," Newman said. "They also show an urgent need to ban these horrific abortion procedures."

Seletz is one of a few abortionists in the United States that openly admits she is willing to abort babies through all nine months of pregnancy. She was trained by the late abortionist Jim McMahon at the now-closed Eve Surgical Center in Los Angeles that secretly offered late-term abortions.

"McMahon was the inventor of the now banned partial-birth abortion procedure, which he developed in secret by experimenting with new abortion techniques on his patients," Operations Rescue reports.

In a video interview with Dr. Anthony Levantino, a former abortionist, he claims that in the nine years he worked to save hundreds of women from life-threatening pregnancies that "In all of those years, the number of babies that I was obligated to deliberately kill in the process was zero."

"The key point about late-term abortion that so many people miss is that it takes days to prepare the cervix," Dr. Levantino says. He says most life-threatening conditions for the mother develop between 25–27 weeks of pregnancy. He used the real-life example of a woman suffering from toxemia, a condition where the mother develops extremely high blood pressure. He said, "This lady would literally be minutes or hours away from a stroke."

He said within one hour of arriving at the hospital, her baby was delivered by cesarean section, and "she and her baby did just fine." He explained that the multi-day process used for late-term abortion would have been too long for her condition and said, "If we waited two to three days to get her cervix prepared ... she would have been dead."

You never need late-term abortion to save a woman's life.

"You never need late-term abortion to save a woman's life," Dr. Levantino said adding, "if necessary, you accomplish the delivery."

"This is what we are trying to show our fellow citizens because so many are convinced that later abortions can only be done in medically complicated pregnancies." Fr. Pavone said. "The truth is far different and far more disturbing."

"Now is the time for Congress to enact laws that reflect scientific and medical progress and to protect these babies," Shaver said. Priests for Life is calling for citizens to contact their legislators in the U.S. Senate to pass SB1922, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and visit www.StopAbortionNow.org for more information.


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