Abortionist Tries to Manipulate Pro-Lifers

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by Anita Carey  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 23, 2018   

Pro-life advocacy is impacting abortionists' bottom line

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A Michigan abortionist confronted two pro-life advocates to get them to stop protesting outside his abortion mill.

Doctor Jacob Kalo owns and operates several abortion mills around Southeast Michigan, including Women's Center of West Bloomfield, where five pro-life activists held an abortion rescue and were arrested.  

During the ensuing court trial, the prosecutor pushed for the pro-lifers to pay for the abortion mill's lost revenue. Kalo's staff testified that over 50 percent of their patients didn't show up or canceled their appointments during the rescue.

Kalo told pro-life advocates, Lynn Mills and Andrea McKinnon, "I don't deny that I do abortions. I don't deny I'm trying to in some way. … This is part of my income."

But the judge would not attribute the lost business to the rescue because there was also a legal protest outside.

The abortionist is also upset about the #MeToo signs Mills and McKinnon are displaying, even though he admits a slew of sex assault claims against him.

"I practice medicine for 40 years, suddenly the last two years there's [sic] 20 complaints against me," Kalo said.

Kalo justifies murdering the unborn by promoting himself as a medical doctor and admonishes the pro-lifers to focus on education, even claiming he works with pro-life sidewalk counselors at his other clinics.

"I have people in front of my other offices. They're over there for 20 years and you can talk to them about that," Kalo said, adding, "You can see they come to me before a patient goes in because they talk to that patient." 

The lengths this abortionist is willing to go shows legal protests are impacting abortionists' bottom line and saving lives.

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