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by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 9, 2021   

Taxpayers' money at work

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The U.S. Senate voted today on a bill promising about $200 billion to American technology and innovation. The measure was allegedly meant to help the United States compete with China, but as Church Militant's David Nussman tells us, some of that funding in this package could go to experiments on cells taken from babies killed in abortion, including mixing those aborted baby cells with animal cells.

In the name of research, the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act pledges billions of dollars to the scandal-plagued National Institutes of Health, or NIH.

The NIH is likely to adopt new standards from the International Society for Stem Cell Research. The newly-relaxed standards state there's no issue with "in vitro culture of chimeric embryos" — meaning the creation of embryos that are part-human, part-animal.

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin: "We're going to consider a critically important bill that will help secure America's role as a global leader in science and technology."

Last month, Senate Republicans proposed amendments to the bill that would have blocked tax dollars from going to chimera research or to other experiments using cells from abortion victims. But those proposals were struck down.

The balance of power in the U.S. Senate is 50–50, with unelected vice president Kamala Harris being the tie-breaking vote.

Apart from the pro-life ethics concern, Republicans have argued the bill does not go far enough to stop communist China from stealing American intellectual property. 

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio: "Security becomes burdensome. It slows things down. But I would rather do it slow — or slower — and own it, than [do it] faster, and have them steal it."

This could be the latest example of abortion-fueled research taken to shocking new heights.

The Senate just passed the bill tonight in a 68–32 vote, and about 20 Republicans supported the measure. The measure now goes on to the U.S. House, where it will be taken up, and if there are any reconciliations that need to happen between the Senate and House versions, those will happen as well, but for the moment, the Senate has passed that bill.

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