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by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 17, 2021   

Priests speak out against abuse by their bishops

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Nine priests gathered on Tuesday at Church Militant studios to reveal how egregiously they've been treated by their bishops. It's called the Persecuted Priest Summit.

It's the first time so many priests have gone public to expose how they're being persecuted for speaking out and preaching the unvarnished gospel. The following is a list of the priests who were at the gathering and a short description of their respective situations:

  • Father Michael Suhy (was booted from his parish for reporting a Detroit archdiocesan employee who was grooming and sexually harassing a young man at his parish) 
  • Father Eduard Perrone, a well-loved Detroit Archdiocese priest (was allegedly framed by Msgr. Michael Bugarin, delegate for clergy misconduct for the archdiocese of Detroit; Bugarin fabricated a sodomy charge against Perrone in July 2019)
  • Father James Altman (gained notoriety last fall for releasing a video titled "You cannot be Catholic and a Democrat. Period." Since then his criticism has gotten him in hot water with the bishop of his diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, William Patrick Callahan; in May, Callahan demanded Altman's resignation as pastor of St. James parish)
  • Father Paul Kalchik (was a pastor in Chicago till he was forced out of his parish on orders of Cdl. Blase Cupich for burning a sacrilegious banner that once hung over the high altar of Resurrection Parish)
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  • Father Mark White (was suspended by Bp. Barry Knestout of Richmond, Virginia; White became upset when high-ranking homosexual abuser Theodore McCarrick was outed since White was ordained by McCarrick; he rightly blamed the bishops for allowing a sexual predator free reign in the Church)
  • Father Ryszard Biernat, a Polish priest (was the secretary to disgraced Buffalo, New York bishop Richard Mallone; he was forced into silence when he complained to the diocese that a priest had sexually assaulted him)
  • San Antonio, Texas' Fr. Clay Hunt (ran afoul of his archbishop, Gustavo García-Siller, in 2020 when he warned the infamously flamboyant homosexual mayor of his town of the spiritual dangers of his very public lifestyle of supporting sodomy; García-Siller revoked his faculties for merely upholding the gospel)
It's the first time so many priests have gone public to expose how they're being persecuted for speaking out and preaching the unvarnished gospel.
  • Father Stephen Lefort from the diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, Louisiana (spent years preparing for the priesthood; he was canned by his bishop after being in a parish for six months and also ordered to get psychological counseling; his "great sin" was helping a penitent examine his conscience in the confessional; Lefort has resorted to working at a hardware store in order to make a living)*
  • Father Jeff Fasching of the diocese of Wichita, Kansas (is being sidelined by his bishop simply for preaching the Faith: Several parishioners complained to his bishop, Carl Kemme, who ultimately took Fasching out of ministry due to their complaints; he has never been told who is complaining or what they are complaining about)

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*Church Militant was unaware at the time of his participation in the Persecuted Priests Summit that Fr. Lefort had recently become sedevacantist. Neither did he inform us of his status. Church Militant does not support sedevacantism.

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