Gay Coaching Scandal at Notre Dame

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by David Nussman  •  •  July 24, 2018   

Assistant soccer coach announces engagement to lesbian partner, and university remains silent

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. ( - The University of Notre Dame employs an active lesbian in the athletics department.

At the prominent Catholic university in Indiana, Lauren Sinacola works as the assistant coach for the women's soccer team. Sinacola recently celebrated on Twitter that she got engaged to a woman.

Sinacola said in a tweet on Sunday, "She said yes!!! Thank you to everyone that helped make this a special time of our lives!"

Her tweet included photographs of herself and her significant other.

Church Militant reached out to Notre Dame for comment on Tuesday. Although university officials acknowledged receiving our email, they offered no comment on the scandal as of press time.

The source who brought this to Church Militant's attention was a journalist who wished to be identified as Bryan Edward.

"I've spent some time researching the faculty handbook and morality clause with the university but have yet to find anything at this point that would show a clear violation as laid out by the university," Edward told Church Militant. "I believe the university employing an individual that is currently acting on her homosexual urges is enough to point to scandal and a clear conflict of interest."

The only thing I find problematic is that she represents the university, and it would seemingly be in direct contrast to the Church's teachings on morality and marriage.

He also said, "The only thing I find problematic is that she represents the university, and it would seemingly be in direct contrast to the Church's teachings on morality and marriage."

"[It's] not my place to decide how the university should handle it," Edward added. "I believe they know how this should be handled."

Notre Dame has shown itself friendly to the gay agenda. Church Militant reported that the university hosted an LGBT retreat in January, which promoted homosexuality as a "grace" from God and the way "God wants them to love."

The retreat came only three months after the university hosted a talk by celebrity Jesuit Fr. James Martin, best known for his attempts to normalize homosexuality in the Church.

Catholic colleges in the United States are undergoing an identity crisis. Major Catholic universities like Notre Dame have become havens for theological dissent, embodied in the infamous Land O' Lakes Statement. The document, put together in 1967 by 26 leaders in Catholic education and spearheaded by Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, former president of Notre Dame, called for broad toleration of theological errors in the name of "academic freedom."

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