Afghanistan Betrayed

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  August 18, 2021   

Christians and Muslim allies face annihilation

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Unelected Joe Biden's decision to withdraw all military forces from Afghanistan — without negotiating with Islamist Taliban insurgents first — has resulted in a massive humanitarian crisis. Church Militant's Trey Blanton spoke with one man who served the United States for 12 years and now risks execution.

Zamir Fazli: "People are calling me the slave of the United States. And, also, they are telling me 'they left you behind. You served those people, and they left you behind.'"

Zamir Fazli is just one among 100,000 seeking an escape from Afghanistan.

Fazli: "And the rest of the people, male and female, all of them are sitting here, around, so somehow they can get into the plane."

And now that the Taliban is in control of the entire country, with one exception.

Fazli: "Only place which is in control of the U.S. military is the Kabul airport. Not complete airport. Right side of the runway is in control of the U.S. military and the left side of the runway is in the control of the Taliban."

Jesuit priests are also at risk and seeking escape at the airport because the Taliban has threatened Christians saying, "We know where you are ... We are coming for you."

Fazli: "He [Biden] said he has no plan to take care of taking these local Afghans with the U.S. military. They don't have a plan yet, but if you look at the media and what Biden says, President Biden says, 'They're going to pick up and move guys to a safe place.' But it's not sure yet."

Women and girls are losing access to education and opportunities achieved under American protection.

Fazli: "My two daughters created a video. In that video, they tied a turban [around their head], and one of my daughters turned and shot the other one. And they were playing like that. That's what the Taliban will do."

The Biden administration's claim that the airport is secure is not a sentiment shared by Fazli.

Fazli: [gunfire] "Government compound before Taliban come in and take them. [gunfire] You can hear the sounds of the fighting as well."

Fazli feels betrayed by decision-makers who sent Afghan soldiers home, rather than allow them to fight the Taliban, and says this of the U.S. withdrawal.

Fazli: "They're going to lose the trust, not just for Afghans, but for the entire nation, for the entire world. Then, in the future, no one will trust them because we supported them, we helped them, we put our lives at risk for them. And now they are leaving behind us to get killed."

People can debate whether it was better to remain in or leave Afghanistan. What should not have happened, was to leave without a plan for the safety of those who fought with us.

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