Agents of Death Threaten Pole’s Life

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  January 25, 2021   

Leftist legal maneuver delays transport to safety

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LONDON ( - The survival of a Polish expatriate patient in the United Kingdom continues to be threatened by anti-life forces.

Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Warchoł

The Polish patient, referred to as Mr. Sławomir by Polish media, has been fighting for his life during a battle between leftist forces seeking to euthanize him and Polish officials trying to save his life. 

Polish media is reporting that a Polish representative recently sought to make contact with Mr. Sławomir but was blocked from the hospital. The outlet explained the blocking was the result of "a quick court procedure" launched by the hospital.

Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Warchoł, who has been fighting for the Pole's return to his country, told Polish Radio 24 that he will send a reminder to the U.K. justice minister and added: "I will take all measures so that we have a decision ready on Monday." 

A Fight for Human Rights

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Poland proclaims on its website:

Human rights are one of the most important priorities in contemporary international relations. They occupy a prominent place in Poland's legal system. The Constitution stresses the inviolability of human dignity and guarantees a number of personal, political, economic, and social and cultural freedoms and rights. 

As Church Militant reported last week, on Nov. 6 Mr. Sławomir suffered a heart attack followed by brain hypoxia and coma. According to the man's mother who lives in Poland, the hospital said he will never wake up and his life in such a state is "unworthy." But she said her son wakes up, breathes on his own, reacts to his name and even cries at times.

Efforts by Polish officials to spare the man's life culminated last week in a proposal for him to be granted diplomatic status. Such status would protect him from court rulings in the United Kingdom and would allow his transport to a Polish hospital.  

Manipulating Public Perception?

The hospital also deleted posts from its Facebook page that made appeals to save the man's life. Polish media saved the following posts before they were deleted: 

  • Release the Polish patient, Mr. Sławomir. He is a Polish citizen, he breathes independently. Don't starve him to death. You probably swore not to hurt - as the first principle of medicine. You are a medical team, not a political party.
  • British media consciously omits the information that Mr. Sławomir is in contact, he is breathing, his eyes are open, he reacts when he hears his name spoken by his relatives, he cries expressing his regret that he is in this situation, helplessness that he cannot help himself, and in addition to the British media, the supportive part of the left-wing media in Poland goes in a row with the British media, such as the hospital in Plymouth, which removes comments informing about the open eyes of Mr. Sławek, crying of regret and helplessness and reacting to his name - all to manipulate the image in favor of biased and unfair court decisions.
  • I am outraged by the violation of the principle of freedom of speech on the website of the Plymouth hospital and the removal of comments demanding an end to the killing of Mr. Sławomir from Poland, because it is another way of manipulating public opinion.

Leftist politicians in Poland also weighed in on what should happen to the Pole.

Regarding Mr. Sławomir's being fed intravenously, left-wing MP Maciej Gdula said, "Disconnecting [the patient] from the apparatus means allowing normal processes to take place and for this man to die."

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"Let's put food next to his bed and see if he will be able to eat," pricked Gdula.

Long Awaiting Transport

Before the hospital's recent legal maneuver, Mr. Sławomir was poised to be sent to a Polish hospital for treatment.

Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska spoke to his readiness to transport the man. "Polish authorities stand ready to transport the man to the Budzik Clinic in northern Poland, which has agreed to accept him," Kraska explained on Polish Radio Saturday. "The clinic helps patients suffering from brain damage." 

A person should always be given a chance. It is not we who decide when a man dies.

"A person should always be given a chance. It is not we who decide when a man dies," Kraska added.

Last week, Warchoł reassured the public that the Polish government was ready to save the man's life.

"Transport is prepared and can be done within a few hours. All we need is approval from Great Britain. I trust that such consent will be issued quickly," Warchoł declared. "We are waiting impatiently. This is a game for our compatriot. I trust we will win it. I trust that the Civilization of Life will win over the Civilization of Death."

Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska

International Support

There has been an international outpouring of support for the Polish patient.

One Catholic medical technologist in the D.C. area, wishing to remain anonymous, told Church Militant that it is imperative that Mr. Sławomir be hydrated as soon as possible. "Without hydration, toxins will build up and he will certainly be left brain-damaged," he said.

The Catholic technologist further proffered: "We do not even starve to death murderous criminals, let alone a devout Catholic."

"Along with many others, I have been praying, emailed the Plymouth hospital, called the Polish Embassy in D.C. and signed petitions in his support," he said.

"Death by dehydration is extremely painful. This is a deliberate act of torture and has been sanctioned by governments including our own. Who but the Triune God knows how we will be treated," added the supporter.

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