‘Silence Stops Now’ Rally: Dr. Alan Keyes

by Stephen Wynne  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 13, 2018   

Hierarchy's sexual corruption 'an attack on the whole body of Christ'

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BALTIMORE (ChurchMilitant.com) - In his Silence Stops Now rally address on Tuesday, Church Militant contributor Dr. Alan Keyes warned the Church "is caught up in what appears to be a general offensive — an offensive of evil, an offensive of anti-Christ, anti-God human beings" who are attacking the conscience of humankind.

"We are here today because a great crisis has resulted in the Church from this offensive," Keyes observed.

"It is time that we remember that we have accepted the light of Jesus Christ within each and every one of our minds and every one of our hearts and every one of our spirits, and that light shines from us as well," he said.

"Now we are called as the soldiers of God and Christ we were confirmed to be, to let that light shine out in us, no matter what the darkness brings," Keyes added.

Keyes reflected that faithful Catholics are suffering great sorrow because of their corrupted leadership and warned that Church leaders now reflect the godless values that have overrun the whole of American society.

He said he once had "good faith" that "at the end of the day, guided by the Holy Spirit, the Catholic Church would be blessed by God with leadership that would never let go of His hand, never betray His truth, never confuse His law."

"But that faith is sure to be a distant memory," he lamented, adding:

And I cannot say that without sorrow. I cannot say it without a broken heart. I cannot say that without fear for the future of our country, of our world. For if the Catholic Church no longer plays its role; if the Catholic leadership no longer provides that foundation on which we can rely; if except they would ... embrace the very sins we are seeing destroy the world, then we must be tempted to believe there is no hope — that God's wrath is already upon us.

Keyes indicted the hierarchy for their "response to the broken hearts of the laity" which, he said, "tells me that they are more interested in crushing our position than lifting up the position of God."

He lambasted the moral confusion of secular society — especially around the issues of homosexuality and transgenderism — and excoriated Church leaders for promoting it.

Recalling Genesis' teaching that "male and female He created them," Keyes denounced the folly of embracing "that which contradicts what God told us about ourselves, from the very first moment that He introduced us to ourselves."

The loss of supernatural faith "has led our shepherds ... has led our leaders in the Church to stray in a most abominable way," Keyes said, warning that "we can't believe the people who are telling us that we can depart from God's truth, shared with us on the very first page" of Scripture.

Keyes denounced sexually wayward bishops for abusing their authority to feed their own sexual self-indulgence:

It is spiritual pedophilia! It is a violation of the trust that God means you to equip, with respect to those who are young in faith, to those who are yearning with the passion of youth to give themselves to God, and you pervert that path so that they will give themselves over to your lust and your satisfaction.

"We should not stay silent ... while they try to excuse, while they try to cover up, while they refuse even to acknowledge the real nature of their crimes!" he exclaimed. "It is an attack on the whole body of Christ, it is a corruption of the whole spirit that is supposed to be imbued in our bodies as members of the body of Christ."


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