Alan Keyes Unlocks Mexico City Policy

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by Paul Murano  •  •  February 1, 2021   

Biden signs death warrant for innocents

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Former U.N. ambassador Alan Keyes, who helped implement the lifesaving Mexico City Policy under President Ronald Reagan, first explained what it is. 

"Well, the Mexico City Policy was a policy that had to do with whether or not U.S. government funds could be used by international organizations to fund abortions," he said.

Keyes spoke of his integral role in the formation of the policy.

"My job was to help negotiate the U.S. position," he said.

The U.S. bishops are just sounding the alarm. Why only now?

Keyes: "If the bishops didn't see it coming, it's because they willfully shut their eyes because they knew good and well it was coming."

By signing, Biden allowed international organizations to once again fund the killing of those most innocent — the unborn.

"[It's] the murder of innocent human beings," Keys emphasized.

No one's surprised. The Party-of-Death agenda has been unwavering, and candidate Joe Biden promised he would reverse the policy. 

"Biden's commitment was clear. I think they knew perfectly well what Biden was going to do, and they looked the other way," Keyes emphasized.

But how could a so-called pro-abort Catholic become president with very little pushback from the hierarchy of the Church? 

"But whether you're talking about that or 'male and female he created them,' I think what we've seen all the way to the top of the Church now [is] a kind of nonchalant attitude — a kind of 'who am I to judge' attitude — that was articulated right from the very beginning," Keyes said.

The former ambassador mentioned the priorities of the progressive Left are inside out:

That then allows Joseph Biden to step forward and try to lecture us on the fact that we're a morally depraved people — not because we're killing innocent babies in the womb; not because we're disrespecting what the Scripture tells us is the nature of the family — male and female — and what the result is, procreation, and our responsibility for that; none of that! No! The biggest problem is "systemic racism."

Thus, Keyes looked to the future and stressed the ultimate government under which all men must live.

"We are entering a period when we can no longer take for granted that our faith will not be persecuted. Christ is our King. Christ is our Lord. Christ is our only true leader," he insisted.

The scrapping of the Mexico City Policy is but another sign of Democrats expanding the Culture of Death. As Ambassador Keyes implores, Catholics must step up to meet the challenge.

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