10,000 March for Life in Ireland

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by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 9, 2019   

All-Ireland Rally for Life in Dublin held as U.K. lawmakers plot to foist abortion onto the North

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DUBLIN (ChurchMilitant.com) - Ten thousand pro-lifers came out to a pro-life march on the Emerald Isle this weekend.

In Dublin on Saturday, July 6, thousands of participants in the All-Ireland Rally for Life marched against the legalization of abortion in the Republic of Ireland and called for the protection of pro-life laws still on the books in Northern Ireland.

Irish citizens voted overwhelmingly in May last year to overturn the Republic of Ireland's Eighth Amendment, which protected the right to life of unborn babies.

Niamh Uí Bhriain, a member of the rally's organizing committee, said in an address at the rally, "We may have lost the Eighth referendum, but we are not defeated."

She predicted that one day, pro-life advocates "will overturn what happened last May."

Video clips from the rally appear to show a large number of youth in attendance.

In addition to the Irish Republic's abortion referendum, rally attendees also spoke out against recent efforts to foist legalized abortion onto Northern Ireland.

For instance, there were some signs parodying the pro-abortion slogan "the North is next," saying instead, "the North protects."

Archbishop Eamon Martin of Armagh, primate of Ireland, said in a speech at the rally, "The direct and intentional taking of the life of any innocent human being is always gravely wrong — we must avoid becoming desensitized to the value of every human life."

The archbishop told pro-lifers he was "deeply concerned by suggestions that amendments are being considered to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill ... which will hijack this bill to remove existing legal protection for unborn babies and to 'fast track' the legalization of abortion on demand in Northern Ireland."

He continued, "How tragic it is for humanity that some legislators would 'fast track' the ending of the lives of the most defenseless in our society?"

A sign seen frequently at the rally depicted a pre-born baby, with the caption, "Abortion steals hope."

Also seen in photos was a large sign in Gaelic stating, "cosain an bheatha," which roughly translates to "defend life."

Weeks before the July 6 pro-life rally in Dublin, evidence surfaced that YouTube — which is owned by Google — manipulated search results related to the Irish May 2018 abortion referendum.

In a report on June 26, Project Veritas brought to light an internal document from YouTube that appears to be a search query blacklist.

This added legitimacy to a Breitbart report in January on internal discussions among YouTube employees about blacklisting certain searches.

Leading up to the Irish abortion referendum, Facebook announced it would not allow non-Irish organizations to buy advertising related to the referendum. Google went a step further, suspending any and all advertisements weighing in on the abortion vote — even advertisements paid for by Irish organizations.

The new report from Project Veritas indicates that the censorship went even deeper than previously known.

After decriminalizing abortion in the Republic of Ireland last year, pro-abortion activists are setting their sights northward, itching to take down Northern Ireland's pro-life laws.

The Northern Ireland Assembly has been suspended since January 2017 owing to political deadlock. Duties such as passing a budget for Northern Ireland have gone to the U.K. Parliament instead.

Earlier this month, several members of Parliament in the United Kingdom pushed for amendments to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill that could overturn the country's pro-life laws.

Bishop Noel Treanor of the diocese of Down and Connor issued a statement read at Masses on Sunday that urged the faithful to contact lawmakers and voice their opposition to any measures decriminalizing abortion.

His statement said in part:

It is therefore vital that citizens of Northern Ireland, and especially Christian citizens, take note that the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill, now before the Westminster Parliament, is being used to introduce amendments aiming to liberalise provision of abortion in Northern Ireland without the say-so of either the citizens of Northern Ireland or their elected representatives.

The bishop went on to state, "I would encourage everyone urgently to contact their MP this weekend or on Monday to register their objection to this undemocratic process."

Representatives of Northern Ireland pro-life group Precious Life demonstrated at Westminster on Tuesday, urging U.K. lawmakers not to force legalized abortion onto Northern Ireland.

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