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by Michael Voris, S.T.B.  •  •  October 20, 2016   

The entire culture of the media is oriented against God

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WikiLeaks email revelations proving mainstream media collusion with the Clinton campaign have finally removed the blinders from the eyes of what few remaining Americans actually believed the national media were objective.

Consider this one glaring fact: 96 percent of all political contributions this election cycle from members of the media went to Hillary Clinton. Ninety-six percent! One wonders what got into the other four percent. That boils down to 19 out of every 20 news types — and not even a liberal could look at that and say it's balanced.

Further evidence? Recent WikiLeaks revelations from the emails of Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta show several famous TV news anchors and an assortment of top journalists attended a private dinner meeting in New York at the home of Joel Benenson, Hillary Clinton's chief campaign strategist, just days before the announcement of her run for the White House.

Thanks to the WikiLeaks emails, we now know that various reporters and media outlets have been working extremely closely with the Clinton campaign, even going so far as to allow the campaign to read and approve, edit or make revisions to stories before publication.

Trust in the media is at such a low that polls reveal Americans actually trust Clinton and Trump more than the media.

As someone who worked in the television news media for more than 20 years, I can tell you this kind of behavior is unethical and deceptive. The news has always at least pretended to give off an air of impartiality. For example, during my time at CBS News, no news employee was allowed to make any donations to politicians or political campaigns. It was grounds for immediate termination.

The reason is obvious, but in the politically overheated intervening years, things have changed a great deal. That's probably because the stakes have become so high that the masquerade of objectivity became more of a hindrance and could therefore be dropped. Journalism has become advocacy reporting across large swaths of the media world. And — full disclosure — we do advocacy reporting here at Church Militant and make no apologies about it. What's troubling is the hypocrisy of the news media who still pretend to operate as "objective" reporters.

There is a very basic reason for the hypocrisy. Many of them feel that still being able to fool some people that ABC News or TIME are objective, they still might be able to carry out their agenda — and that is the complete jettisoning of any Christian morality with which they disagree, namely, sexual morality.

Much larger percentages of the media are supportive of homosexuality, abortion and so forth. In fact, the largest journalist association of many in the media industry is the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association (NLGJA). Cross swords with this group in the industry and your career is over.

What you will not find in the media world is any organization representing the immorality of illicit sexual relationships. It would be easier to locate an association of Christian used car dealers than to find any effective voice for authentic Christian morality in the mainstream media.

A large percentage of mainstream media elites are irreligious, as shown by various studies. They have much more in common with atheists or agnostics than they do with the current majority make-up of the country. Yet these are the opinion leaders and formers of thoughts in the electorate. It helps to explain why there was such a dramatic shift in the polls away from Trump when the media relentlessly pounded the Access Hollywood video and followed up with the Trump "victims" narrative.

Ironically, sexual immorality among members of the news media is rampant. Yet they stand on their soap boxes casting stones at a man they despise because he opposes the darling of their world vision: Hillary Clinton. The coverage is so tilted in favor of Clinton and opposed to Trump that one would think journalists would actually have a deep sense of shame — but no fear in that category.

This bias in favor of their anti-God vision of the world is decades old and is rooted in the DNA of those who run the industry and those who are attracted to it. There is among the typical newsroom staff, those who find their identity in being the most important person in the room owing to what they know and what you don't.

"Journalism" today is no longer driven by a desire to be a watchdog of governmental abuses, but is a profession that attracts those with a great need for feeding insatiable egos. They always have to be the smartest kid in the room. It may be the most prideful profession around, and given that, it automatically places itself in opposition to Christianity.

Given its psychological self-distancing from morality, many things easily come into focus: a lack of respect for the truth, a willingness to deal in deception, an active pushing of agendas opposed to Christianity and so forth. Certain stories are ignored because they would derail the liberal narrative. Other are presented in such a way as to showcase the superiority of the liberal narrative. And still others are presented in deceptive manners designed to leave out pertinent aspects of the story so as to keep alive the liberal line.

For those of us who have worked in the industry and done well, the liberal air was something omnipresent and simply accepted as the only acceptable reality. Contraception was a good, and if you opposed it, there was something wrong with you. Sundays were days for sleeping in — and usually sleeping it off. If you went to Mass, you were suspect. Vulgar language was just the native tongue of reporters — no big deal. And so it goes.

The entire culture of the media is oriented against God and believers, and most stories, articles or pieces reflect this prevailing attitude. Distortion and selective reporting of the facts are the order of the day, and it's all done to present the liberal narrative and not report any alternative presentation. Contemporary so-called journalism is all about "All the News that's Fit to Hide."


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