Alpha Program Turns Catholics Into Protestants

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  December 7, 2017   

P.A. Quintiliani: "This program has changed her life ... but not for the better"

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The Alpha Program, now used in thousands of Catholic parishes in 70 countries as a tool for evangelization, is turning Catholics weak in their faith into Protestants.

Published material from Catholic Alpha informs pastors that those attending the Alpha program in their parishes will be woefully ignorant of the Catholic faith. Besides reaching out to those who are "unchurched," Catholic Alpha says the program is meant for non-practicing Catholics.

"[W]e often find many people in our pews who have been sacramentalized without ever having been evangelized. If you are running Alpha in the context of a Catholic parish, such individuals may very well be a part of your initial audience," says the manual.

One viewer, Patricia Anthony Quintiliani, told Church Militant that her friend lost her faith by attending the Alpha program: "I have a friend," wrote Quintiliani, "who loves this program, but now she thinks it's wrong to pray to the Blessed Mother or the saints. She is adamant that this program has changed her life. It has, but not for the better."


In episode four of the Alpha program, the presenters claim that being forgiven is simply a matter of "changing our minds ... turning away from bad stuff ... and trusting in Jesus."

No mention is made of needing an infallible teaching authority to know what is "bad stuff." Private interpretation of Scripture leaves most Protestants OK with contraception, divorce and remarriage, and even homosexual relationships.

There is no mention made either of the necessity of the priesthood established by Christ, through which He absolves people of their sins. The "personal relationship with Jesus" mentality doesn't move anyone to the realization that Christ founded One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which is the Mediatrix of all graces.

Little wonder that Cdl. Raymond Burke, as the international director of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, in December of 2015 said of Alpha: "Having studied the program, both from the perspective of doctrine and methodology, I must make it clear that the program may not be used in any form in the Marian Catechist Apostolate and that Marian Catechists are not to become involved with it."

Watch the panel discuss how Catholics are being turned into Protestants in The Download—More on Alpha.


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