Americans Losing Hope

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by Aidan O'Connor  •  •  October 11, 2021   

Survey shows dismal results

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WASHINGTON ( - A new poll reveals that only a third of Americans have confidence in the country's future, and less than half believe the United States is fair and decent. 

President Donald Trump

Rasmussen Reports released a poll on Friday showing that Americans' hope for their future has been steadily declining since last year. The survey found only 33% of American adults believe the country's best days are ahead, while 38% believe America is unfair and discriminatory. 

"Some people say that American society is generally fair and decent. Others say it's basically unfair and discriminatory. Which do you believe?" asked the poll, adding, "Are America's best days in the future or in the past?" 

The survey shows peoples' confidence has been steeply declining since last year following the election. It further reveals major changes from 2019 when President Donald Trump was in office. In 2019, 54% of Americans believed the country's best days were ahead. In November 2020, 47% of adults expressed hope for their future.

But after a year under unelected president Joe Biden's rule, that number has dropped to about a third of Americans, and almost half the country holds that America's best days are over. Less than half of Democrats believe the best days are ahead.

Biden's ratings are plummeting across the board.

The survey also revealed that less than half of Americans believe the country is fair and decent, a drop from January, when 54% of likely voters saw American society as decent.

Rasmussen claimed politics clearly affect how Americans view the future, news that bodes ill for phony Catholic Joe Biden. Biden's ratings are plummeting across the board, and the survey shows that Americans are losing hope in the nation and its future — a trend especially marked in the last year.

Recent polls of Biden's national support reveal Americans disapprove of the current president on almost every key issue. In the last year, Biden has grown more tyrannical over COVID mandates, pushing abortion-tainted jabs and advocating for masks regardless of vaccination status. 

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Biden has pushed China-virus lockdowns after promising he wouldn't and is endorsing eye-watering government spending bills. Taxes are increasing while the value of the dollar is decreasing. 

This year alone, Biden's open-border policy has brought into the country more than one million illegal immigrants, including gang members, abandoned children, criminals and terrorists.

And overseas, Biden's Afghanistan crisis left American soldiers dead, hundreds of Americans stranded and billions of dollars of military weaponry in the hands of Islamic terrorists, thus exposing the United States to future attacks. 

While the list can go on, Rasmussen's poll indicates that Americans, on the left and right, believe their county is losing its decency and has a bleak future. 

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Two years ago, under Trump, polls told a different story. The border was secure, the economy was on the rise, foreign relations were improving and, according to Rasmussen, over half of Americans saw bright days ahead.

A new Quinnipiac poll corroborates Rasmussen's findings. It shows the growing loss of hope and the change of administration to be almost simultaneous. The university found historically low marks for Biden, showing that almost half of Americans think Biden does not care about the average citizen.  

Over half asserted Biden does not have good leadership skills.

The Quinnipiac poll found, furthermore, that half of the country believes Biden is not honest. Over half asserted Biden does not have good leadership skills and that his administration is not competently running America.

All polls have a margin of error, but the numbers displayed across these above polls are well outside such margins. They show, as Rasmussen postulated, that confidence and hope in the future of a country are inseparable from the policies of its elected officials.

Biden was sworn into office in January. Seven months later, two-thirds of Americans don't think the future looks bright, and almost half of his country believes the best days are gone.

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