An Anglo-Hispanic Catholic Alliance?

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by Church Militant  •  •  August 27, 2020   

Fighting the 'woke' wedge

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On Monday of this week, silver-haired and dapper Cuban-American businessman Maximo Alvarez delivered a resounding speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention, denouncing what he called the "communist pill" being offered by the newly minted "woke as heck" Democratic Party.

Alvarez took aim at the haphazard temper tantrum of looting and dumpster burning by Antifa and other terrorist organizations in many American cities as being reminiscent of his own experience of Marxist mayhem in Cuba, stating:

When I watch the news in Seattle and Chicago and Portland, in other cities, when I see history being rewritten, when I hear the promises, I hear echoes of a former life I never wanted to hear again. I see shadows I thought I had outrun.

Alvarez's appearance and the authenticity of his speech have sent tremors through social media as well as both the Left and Right's media outlets.

A successful businessman as well as an ardent anti-communist who saw the ravages of Marxism at work in Cuba, Alvarez represents the face of the old guard of not only Cuban America, but the larger Hispanic-American community.

Democrats Marginalizing Hispanics

While many first-generation old guard Hispanic (as well as Asian) Americans had voted Republican and upheld conservative and traditional values when landing on American shores, young generations of Hispanics tutored by the watered-down but nonetheless poisonous cultural Marxism of the public school and university system have veered leftward and embraced the anti-American and anti-Western ideology of contemporary American leftists.

White American leftists want to reshape Hispanics in their own image and likeness, making them as miserable and spiritually vacuous as they are.

As a result, the Democratic Party has been able to automatically assume they have the Hispanic vote in the bag, presenting themselves as the party of diversity and inclusion.

This cultural Marxism, at the same time, while directing its animus at Europe and the European people is also an attack on Christianity writ large.

The cultural Marxist clarion call to Hispanics to decolonize themselves of European influence (even though many Hispanics have at least some if not majority European ancestry), is also a desire to strip Hispanics of their Christian heritage and have them embrace their pagan roots or become the same sort of disgruntled and unhappy atheists as white liberals themselves.

Like the character Pygmalion in Ovid's "Metamorphoses" — later reprised in George Bernard Shaw's play as well as in the musical and later film, My Fair Lady, white American leftists want to reshape Hispanics in their own image and likeness, making them as miserable and spiritually vacuous as they are.

Much of the American working class has rejected millennial or "woke" leftism, and, thus, recent waves of both legal and illegal Hispanic immigration has thus been encouraged by the Left, which has largely captured much of corporate America, in order to provide labor as well as guinea pigs for their social engineering project.

The Hispanic America as well as 'Anglo' America who are genuine Catholics should see each other as natural allies in the fight against the godless Marxism of the Left.

And for the most part, this social engineering project is working, as many in the Hispanic community embrace woke leftist ideology.

Successful and patriotic Hispanic-Americans like Maximo Alvarez are thus proving to be an increasing minority among one of the fastest-growing ethnic communities in the United States.

Rivalry Won't Defeat Globalism

In response, many Americans, including and especially conservative and traditionalist Catholics of European descent, often termed "Anglos" in contrast to "Latinos," have looked askance at the Hispanic community as an increasingly hostile rival for political power and territory.

Hispanics (including many conservative and traditionalist Hispanic Catholics), in turn — especially after the election of President Trump and the rise of nationalism, populism and the alt-right — have looked upon the Anglo community with some trepidation and uneasiness.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

However, this mutual rivalry is unwarranted, for those members of Hispanic America as well as "Anglo" America who are genuine Catholics should see each other as natural allies in the fight against the godless Marxism of the Left, as well as the newest wedding of neoconservatism and leftism as "woke capital."

First of all, both Anglo and Hispanic Americans share an ethnic and cultural tie with Europe, as well as a grounding and history in the New World. The notion peddled by the radical Left that the "authentic" Hispanic is one who ignores his Spanish or Portuguese (or in some cases Italian, Irish or German) ancestry and only embraces his or her Native American ancestry is just as ridiculous and fake as previous generations who attempted to ignore their Native American ancestry.

More importantly, as Catholics, we share a common faith and baptism in Our Lord Jesus Christ and membership in His Holy Church.

We are not enemies or even rivals.

We should be fighting together as friends and brothers against this evil new world order that is on the cusp of bringing its terror fully online.

However, joining together in united faith and political action does not deny the reality and importance of human biology, culture and the need for all peoples to have a place where they feel at home with their own kin.

Nonetheless, ethnic conflict is precisely what the emergent globalist system wants in order to divide and conquer the people of the world.

Let us pray to Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception for peace and fellowship among Anglo and Hispanic American Catholics and for more patriotic and fervent Hispanics to step forward in this election.

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