NY Governor’s Massacre of Innocents

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by Martina Moyski  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 26, 2020   

Most vulnerable sacrificed to Gotham’s gods

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NEW YORK (ChurchMilitant.com) - One of the biggest — though underreported — stories of the Wuhan pandemic is the deadly decision of New York's governor to transfer COVID-infected patients into nursing homes resulting in the deaths of thousands of elderly residents.

The stroke of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's pen on March 25 has resulted in the deaths of more than 5,000 people, according to a Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine (AMDA) official.

The order stated that "no resident shall be denied ... admission to the (nursing home) solely based on confirmed or suspected COVID-19." Over 4,500 virus patients of various ages were sent to New York nursing homes, according to a recent AP count.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan

The AMDA warned the governor one week after he issued the order that admitting infected patients posed a "clear and present danger" to nursing home residents. But Cuomo ignored the warning, not rescinding it until April 29 — over one month later — by which time the coronavirus had spread through the nursing homes "like wildfire through dry grass," a metaphor the governor himself used multiple times to describe the volatile situation.

After news of the carnage began to surface, one report indicated that the decision had added more than 1,700 deaths to a total count of at least 4,813 elderly residents. At that point, establishment media finally questioned him about it.

"That's a good question, I don't know," the governor replied, as he turned to an aide.

Of Cuomo's answer, the New York Post (NY Post) said: "If you are the governor of the state that is the national epicenter of the deadly outbreak, you don't have the luxury of not knowing, or pretending not to know, about the horrendous carnage in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers."

Several governors followed Cuomo's lead — with disastrous results.

If you are the governor of the state that is the national epicenter of the deadly outbreak, you don't have the luxury of not knowing, or pretending not to know, about the horrendous carnage in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

In Michigan, for example, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered nursing homes to accept COVID-19 infected individuals and offered a $5000 bonus for each patient the nursing homes accepted. Unlike Cuomo, Whitmer has not yet rescinded her order, even extending it even though about a third of COVID-19 deaths in Michigan have been at nursing homes, according to one estimates.

The public got an up-close and personal picture of the horror of Whitmer's order as a video of the vicious and bloody beating of a 75-year-old nursing home resident by a 20-year-old COVID patient transferred per Whitmer's order went viral. The 20-year-old, a boxer, filmed himself beating the elderly U.S. veteran — as well as other victims on separate occasions — in the Detroit nursing home where he had been placed.

Observers have been asking what possessed Cuomo — and other Democrat governors — to make the order to begin with, especially in light of patient-ready hospital facilities set up at the Javits Convention Center and aboard a U.S. Navy hospital ship going unused. And as reported by Church Militant, a field hospital, set up by Franklin Graham's humanitarian organization Samaritan's Purse, was poised to help — but was booted out after complaints by LGBT activists over its organizers' Biblical views on sexuality.

Writing for the Atlantic, Rabbi Shai Held called the New York governor's order an "ethical train wreck."

The rabbi referred to a Facebook post to illustrate the attitude behind the governor's decision, "It's not a big deal cause the elderly are gonna die anyway," and contrasted it with the Biblical mandate to "honor your father and mother" and the Psalmist's prayer: "Do not cast me off in old age; when my strength fails, do not forsake me!"

It's not a big deal cause the elderly are gonna die anyway.

President of the Pontifical Academy for Life Abp. Vincenzo Paglia noted that the coronavirus has revealed the elderly as victims of a "throwaway culture" evidenced in hospitals giving preference to younger patients with better perceived odds of survival, according to an interview with Crux.

Cuomo's treatment of the elderly mirrors his treatment for the unborn.

In January 2019, the governor signed the Reproductive Health Act which codified Roe v. Wade and allowed abortion right up to the moment of birth, legitimizing a new age version of the massacre of innocents.

Cdl. Dolan Embracing Gov. Cuomo

"That it can be done right up to the moment of birth, this is hideous," said New York Cdl. Timothy Dolan. But the murder of hundreds of thousands of New York's babies was not enough for Dolan to excommunicate Cuomo "because it would be counterproductive," he said.

Despite the carnage wreaked by his order, Cuomo remains a corporate media darling and is eyed as a potential Democrat candidate.

Hollywood celebrities heap hosannas on him. "If only Gov Andrew Cuomo were the president now," actress Mia Farrow mused on Twitter. "I'm officially attracted to Andrew Cuomo," tweeted comedian Chelsea Handler suggestively. And according to a Quinnipiac University poll, Cuomo's job approval rating is 72% and 81% for how he's handled the pandemic.

Despite gushing media and high poll numbers, the governor's lack of respect for the dignity of human life is clearly not aligned with the Catechism of Catholic Church (CCC).

The CCC declares that "God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being" (2258).

This nursing home disaster is on you, Gov. Cuomo.

And more New Yorkers, as well as people around the world, are taking note of the carnage the governor has — and is — effecting and are refusing to let him slide. "This nursing home disaster is on you, Gov. Cuomo," a headline emphatically reads.

The NY Post chastised Cuomo, "The decent thing to do is to own your mistakes and fix them."

Some observers are beginning to see this self-identified Catholic governor as out-heroding Herod, massacring not only babies struggling to be born but the elderly struggling to stay alive.

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