Another Fake Catholic in Virginia

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by Kim Tisor  •  •  August 5, 2021   

Running for governor

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While all eyes are on Gov. Andrew Cuomo, another phony Catholic is vying to make history by becoming Virginia's second governor to serve two nonconsecutive terms. As Church Militant's Kim Tisor explains, a win could mean bad news for the faithful.
Virginia's former liberal governor, Terry McAuliffe, beat out four other Democrats to become the commonwealth's Democratic gubernatorial nominee. If elected in November, he vows to go after religious adoption agencies, forcing them to place kids with gay couples.   

McAuliffe, a self-described "strong Catholic," has a long history of supporting left-leaning policies, beginning with his time as governor in 2014. 

Terry McAuliffe: "They all say I was the first candidate statewide in the South to come out for same-sex marriage. It's important folks. We gotta be open and welcoming. Well, we now have same-sex marriage here in the Commonwealth of Virginia."

He also formed the nation's second — and South's first — LGBT Tourism Task Force.

McAuliffe: "You know the LGBT traveler is a $100 billion of economic activity here. This is so important for us." 

A spokesman with the Virginia Catholic Conference warns if McAuliffe attacks Catholic adoptions, some of the largest adoption and foster care agencies will close, which will ultimately harm families.

The former governor and prior Democratic National Committee chairman has also vetoed bills meant to protect free speech for public school students and military chaplains.

Faithful Catholics in Virginia who care about their future and their Faith will vote in the general election Nov. 2.

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