Muslim Claiming to Be Victim of Trump Hate Crime Arrested for Lying

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by Church Militant  •  •  December 15, 2016   

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NEW YORK ( - A college-aged Muslim woman in New York City who claimed she was attacked by Trump supporters has been arrested for fabricating the story.

Egyptian-born Yasmin Seweid told police and reporters that three drunk white men screaming "Trump!" attacked her and yelled anti-Islamic slurs on December 1. She claimed the men tried to rip off her hijab and tore her purse strap. The event reportedly took place just weeks after the presidential election. Seweid added that the men yelled, "Get the hell out of the country! You don't belong here!"

"I was very shaken up," she claimed at the time. "I'm definitely traumatized. I'm really scared."

Abdoul Seweid, Yasmin's brother, also has a history of reporting false incidents. Cops said in 2012 that Abdoul, who was then 17, claimed a friend was "assaulted by three unknown males." He was afterwards arrested for lying to police and charged with breaking into cars and stealing valuables.

Sara Seweid, Yasmin's sister, went on a Twitter rant blaming police for her sister's lie. "It became super clear to me these past two week [sic] that the police's first instinct is to doubt your story and try to disprove it."

She continued, "I'm deeply concerned about the mental state of young Muslim women who feel that they have to lie so intensely to survive."

Yasmin emerged from a New York City court December 14 with a shaved head and without a hijab. Reporters say her parents forced her to shave her head out of shame for "drinking" and "having a Christian" boyfriend. Yasmin Seweid went on to admit in court she was not actually assaulted by white men, but that she was out partying and drinking past her curfew and was afraid of her parents' reaction.

The media jumped on the story to report the December 1 incident as a Trump-inspired hate crime. Excluding words like "alleged" or "police suspect," news agencies reported the incident as fact.

The New York Daily News, for example, covered the event with the title "Drunk men screaming Trump's name try to rip off Muslim student’s hijab as straphangers stand idly by on East Side subway, cops say."

Including this fabricated incident, the New York Daily News went on to report: "Of the 34 incidents between Election Day and Nov. 27, 18 have been anti-Semitic in nature, compared to five in the same period last year. Five of the incidents have been anti-gay, and five others, anti-white. Two targeted Muslims and one was anti-black. "

Another more recent example has yet to be proven, where a Detroit Muslim woman claimed she was "assaulted and robbed of her wallet and Muslim headscarf by two men, one of whom she described as wearing a white 'Trump' hat." Although local news reported it as fact, Church Militant's investigation revealed the police had yet to find any witnesses, and that the matter was still under investigation.

The 18-year-old Seweid faces up to a year in jail.


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