Anti-Catholic Bigotry Exudes from Dan Savage’s Sitcom “The Real O’Neals”

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by Paul Bois  •  •  May 18, 2015   

Anti-Catholic bigotry on display at ABC

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Last week, ABC upset many faithful Catholics with the release of the new trailer for their upcoming sitcom The Real O'Neals, which contained some of the most mean-spirited, anti-Catholic material since Family Guy aired the episode “The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin“ in December last year. 

The anti-Catholic spirit on display throughout the three-minute trailer, which mocks everything Catholics hold sacred from sexual chastity to the Blessed Virgin Mary, comes as no surprise to anyone, considering that radical gay activist Dan Savage served as one of the show's producers and specifically intended to bash Catholics and religion in general.

Employing some of the most tired clichés on the book regarding Christianity, the show presents a completely clueless “typical Irish Catholic family” who, of course, don't practice what they preach and who know absolutely nothing about sex. It's a family where the father exclaims, “I can't have meat potatoes for every meal, not 'til I'm in Heaven” while ordering at a restaurant, and where the mother (played by 80s veteran Martha Plimpton) puts a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the toilet so people would remember to put the seat down, and where the son knows nothing about contraception and the daughter collects money for charity so she can fatten her own wallet. 

Priests don't look like they'll get much fair play, either, with the trailer presenting one as a money-hoarding hypocrite who brags about his “vow of poverty” while simultaneously owning a Lexus. 

Of course, no show or movie bashing Christians will ever be complete without the standard, straight-off-the-shelf closeted gay son, here played by Noah Galvin, whom the show depicts as courageously coming out to his bigoted family after failing to have sex with his girlfriend after flushing a box of condoms down the toilet. He is the only sympathetic character presented on the show — a victim of his apparently backward, archaic religion.

The trailer reaches its mean-spirited high point when the daughter asks a waitress to donate her tips to “poor children in Ethiopia,” and her mother passive-aggressively responding, “Don't be pushy; it's her soul that's going to Hell if she doesn't give you money.”

Dan Savage, himself a former Catholic, has in the past stated he intended the show to reflect his childhood, and if that's the case, then pray for him. He has publicly bashed Catholicism and Christianity in general on multiple occasions and, most recently, challenged 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson to “suck my d*ck” in order to prove homosexuality is a choice. He has also called for “mandatory abortion“ and has wished that “Republicans were all f*cking dead.”

Yes, Disney's ABC gave that guy a sitcom. 


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